1 in 5 Americans In Chronic Daily Pain

200177292-001A large scale study was just published that proved that 1 in 5 Americans, roughly 39 million people, are in pain on a daily basis.

Pain affects everyone. I treat pain. I am a trigger point doctor, a chiropractor. I think that more people are in pain than what we think there are. And this study reinforces that.

If you suffer from chronic, daily pain you don’t have to throw in the towel. You can do something to lessen your pain. Proper exercise and healthy eating will reduce pain. But it has to be low intensity and low impact exercise along with stretching.

This study is why I came up with Pain Free Lifestyle. I believe that you can use low impact and low intensity exercise, stretching along with healthy eating to reduce pain and keep yourself active for as long as you live.

It doesn’t take much, it just takes consistency. And to be consistent with exercise, means using easy on the body exercises that maintain range of motion and functional strength. Functional strength will catch you when you are walking down the street, talking to a friend and trip over a curb.

Train yourself for the stresses of real life. You’re never going to have a chance to do a bench press in real life. If you train the right muscles, you will reduce your pain, and increase the function of your body.

I know the right muscles to strengthen to stabilize overused joints. And I know the muscles to stretch because they get tight and can contribute to joint pain.

Exercise smarter, not harder. This is the Pain Free way.

Here is a link to an article written about that study:




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