a pain free lifestyle

this blog/ website will be undergoing a bit of a change soon. i feel that the title of pain free lifestyle fits this concept more than the common sense method. i chose common sense method because what i recommend and profess is a common sense approach to eating and exercise. I feel that these things are made out to be too complicated. and taking a common sense approach will make it much more accessible to more people. It is easier to understand and easier to follow and incorporate into your lifestyle.So why change to pain free lifestyle now? well i still believe that this approach is a common sense approach. But I feel that I want to focus more on the fact that if followed as is, this program will give you the best chance at being able to lead a pain free lifestyle. and so many of us are in constant and chronic pain. So much goes into our being in pain. And most of the time modern medicine can not figure out what is causing the pain, and if they can figure out what is causing it most of the time there is nothing they can do about it. I see people all day long who have been told by someone in the health care profession that they just have to live and cope with thier pain.I feel, and know, that there is so much we can do for ourselves to get ourselves out of pain and keep ourselves out of pain. there is something very therapeutic about being able to take control of your health. You are not helpless and solely in the hands of doctors. You CAN do something about what shape you are in and the pain that you are in. I am chirorpractor who specializes in muscle work, a type of trigger point therapy. This has allowed me to learn first hand which exercises are helpful and easy on the body. And which exercises are not as good for your body and it is those exercises that will contribute to your being in pain, and even can make it worse. It is common to think that you are doing something good for yourself by exercising but then later on find out that the exercises that you thought were helping you out were actually hurting you.I want to get some good and reliable information out there that people can follow and feel good about. And in turn it will make you feel good. It is very possible, and very do-able.so stay tuned. Things are just getting exciting here.



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