About Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen is a chiropractor who has practiced in Pittsburgh for 15 years.  During his time in practice he earned a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition.  He specializes in a specific form of chiropractic trigger point therapy called Nimmocare, or Receptor Tonus Technique.  By utilizing this technique, Josh has observed common muscle patterns and mechanisms of injury.  This unique perspective has allowed him to create a program that is focused on reducing pain and increasing activity by developing real world, or functional, strength, balance and flexibility.

Josh is an avid athlete.  He practices what he preaches.  He has completed numerous 100 mile mountain bike races, adventure races, and marathon length cyclocross races.  He finished one marathon and will not do one again.  He practices Iyengar, restorative  yoga 2 to 4 times a week.  He  lifts with kettlebells 2 to 3 times a week.  He practices pilates once a week.

Josh lives in Pittsburgh, Pa with his wife Maria and their 2 children, Cole and Julien, and a multitude of bikes.

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