About The Pain Free Lifestyle

For the past ten years I have been practicing a specialized form of Chiropractic trigger point therapy, called Nimmo or Receptor Tonus Technique.  By utilizing this technique, I have observed and learned common muscle patterns that lead to injury.  Through these observations I have also learned muscle patterns that will keep you feeling healthy and injury free.

I have seen too many patients who have tried to get into shape and have failed.  Maybe they have been told by a doctor that if they don’t get into shape then their health will suffer.  Maybe they want to look better and feel better.  Maybe they want to be able to chase around after their children or grandchildren without injuring themselves.  Maybe they just want to be able to walk up a flight of steps without getting winded and having to take a break half way through.

Everyone may have a different reason for wanting to get into shape, but most people don’t know how to go about getting into shape or how to start a new exercise routine.  In my experience, most people will start out way too hard.  They want to get a good workout in, or want to do the workout they were doing 20 years ago while in high school.  Either way, this is setting them up for failure.  The end result of starting out too hard is that you will injure yourself or get burned out; and end up having to stop exercising again.  Starting a new exercise routine is an art form.  It is important to workout smarter, rather than harder.  You are not 18 years old anymore.  You will not recover from hard exercising the way you used to.  And this will be complicated if you have a pre-existing injury; such as a shoulder or hip or knee problem from the past.  How do you exercise in a way as to not exacerbate the old or existing injury?  I want to take it a step further.  I believe that if you know what you are doing, and can exercise smarter rather than harder, you can actually manage a problem, get rid of the pain and use exercise to keep that issue at bay.

This system is focused on exercise, but also deals with nutrition.hy  I believe that if you want to feel better and look better, proper exercise and nutrition are key.  Exercise is the most important aspect, with nutrition coming close behind.  Exercising consistently will give you the best and biggest results.  Nutrition will speed along the process.

I designed this program to be able to help most people get into shape, and thereby reduce pain and increase activity.  This is not designed to get you into “bikini shape” or get you those 6-pack abs or abdominals.  On this program you will not lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.  If you are looking for that then look at the new fad diet that is going around now.  There is always a new fad diet making unrealistic claims and false promises.  Diets fail 95% of the time.  That is because you cannot keep up with the extreme changes you had to make in order to lose the weight in the first place.  Eventually you will go back to your old habits that caused you to gain the weight.

That is why I designed this program to be something that you can do consistently throughout your life and be healthy for you.  You have to commit to a lifestyle change.  I put together a lot of small changes that are easy to assimilate into your lifestyle.  And these changes are easy to maintain.  Which is what you have to do consistently to make a change in your body and to feel better.  You will not see changes within the first day or even week.  But if you stick with the program, and do it consistently (no matter which level you are practicing), you will see changes.  It is only a matter of time.   You will surprised at how easy it is to incorporate these changes into your lifestyle, how easy it is to maintain them, and how easy it will be to get into shape and feel better.  And the better shape you are in and the better you feel, the better you will look. And you will do it the Pain Free Way.

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