Added Sugars and Weight Gain

Sugar has been getting a pretty bad rap as of late. It has been compared to addictive drugs like heroin or cocaine.

Indeed, it has been observed that when people eat sugary foods, the same brain pathways and neurons are lit up as when using addictive drugs.

The difference between drugs and food is that with food, the euphoria/ high/ bliss lasts momentarily. It lasts only as long as the food is on your lips and in your mouth. Then it is done leaving you wanting more. This cycle can go on all day long.

There have been numerous links between sugar consumption and obesity, diabetes and cancer. And unfortunately, sugar tastes really good. Sugar makes the food companies millions, if not billions of dollars every year.

Recently the government has been pressuring processed food companies to list the extra, added sugars that they put in their foods to make them taste good.

Processed food companies don’t want to do this because they have to put large amounts of sugar in their food products to sell them. They know that their food products do not taste good without sugar, and lots of it.

They know that people will be less likely to buy their food products if they know how much sugar is in them. Sugar is one the main 3 ingredients that make processed food taste good. The other 2 are fat and salt. They are all bad for you in different ways.


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