Address Imbalances in Your Body Before They Affect You

Many people out there have muscular imbalances in their bodies that affect them daily. In my practice I see these effects after they become symptomatic, or after they start causing pain. Most people won’t be aware of these imbalances until they become painful. These imbalances can cause everything from aches and pains to sprains and strains to stress fractures in extreme cases.How does this happen and what is an imbalance?A muscular imbalance in your body can be caused by many things. Maybe you fell out of a tree when you were 12 years old and injured your left shoulder. Now at age 55 you don’t necessarily feel the imbalance from that fall years ago. But working at a computer all day will put more stress on that previously injured shoulder. This increased stress over time will cause the shoulder to slowly tighten up. The previously injured shoulder will tighten up quicker than the other shoulder because your body rememebers injuries through established neurological pathways that will cause the muscle to fall back into its’ injured state more easily than the uninjured shoulder. After a few years of working in front of the computer this old injury will get flaired up. Then it will be more difficult to get the pain under control then it would have been to keep the shoulder pain free.If someone has had a history of hip or low back issues then they are going to have an imbalance in their hips. This means that one hip is going to be tighter and more irritated than the other one. If this person then tries to train for a marathon or something else, this imbalance will put more and more stress on the knee and ankle connected to the tight hip. This increased stress will eventually cause one or more areas to flair up and become painful. If let go long enough this compensation for the tight hip can eventually cause a stress fracture or some other type of issue that will keep you from exercising.What can you do to address these imbalances before they become painful?See a chiropractor or message therapist or do yoga or pilates to balance the body out. These systems will also loosen up the body and normalize motion. Only after you address these imbalances can you proceed with your training. Nimmo Trigger Point Therapy is the technique that I utilize to address these muscular imbalances. Trigger Point Therapy is very effective at balancing out the muscles and normalizing or restoring motion to your muscles and hips. Yoga and pilates can also help to balance out the muscles. These systems are also very affective at keeping these issues under control and preventing them fron becoming painful. It is much harder to get an injury under control once it has flaired up, then to keep an issue from flairing up.



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