Another Reason to Eat Organic

fruit and vegesStudies have come out concluding that the nutritional content of organic foods is the same as their non-organic forms. So why eat organic, the studies ask?

A main reason to eat organic foods is to avoid consuming pesticides and other chemicals that can be on and in the foods. No one knows the long term effects of consuming these chemicals. The companies that make them and use them will tell you they are safe and perfectly fine. Those who study these chemicals will tell you that they are bad for you and will create health issues in the future.

What can you believe and who do you believe?

I recently came across another study that proves that a chemical (glyphosate) in pesticides can lead to Parkinson’s Disease, cancer and infertility, among other health issues. This goes along with other studies that prove that mild amounts of Round Up can cause tumor growth, cancerĀ and infertility among rats.

The studies that I have seen showing that chemical pesticides are harmless were performed either by the company that produces the pesticides, a company that uses the pesticides, or another group that is associated with, or taking money from, the companies that make and use the pesticides.

These companies that are associated with the pesticides have a vested interest in making the public believe that their product is safe. From what I have read, I feel that they are not safe. I go out of my way to avoid these chemicals and pesticides. I have seen some of the long term effects associated with consuming these chemicals, and I don’t want any of those effects, or the effects that we don’t know about.

Here is a link to an article about the study about glyphosate:

Here is a link to an article that I wrote about Round Up, and it’s use in genetically modified foods (GMOs).



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