There is a lot of information out there on how to reverse the aging process or at the least to slow it down. I have trained in anti-aging techniques. I have experience with hormone balancing, exercising and dieting geared towards anti-aging. It is my opinion that the best way to slow down and even reverse the aging process is by taking care of yourself and exercising consistently and eating healthy consistently. A year ago Time Magazine ran a piece on health and stated that the only mircale pill we have is exercise. Exercise will help keep you looking and feeling good. It will keep you moving and doing the things you want to do for years and years. And a great thing about exercise is that no matter what type of shape you are in or what type of pain you are in, there is always some form of exercise you can do to get yourself moving and feeling better and to reduce your pain. And the more you move the less of the dreaded osteo-arthritis you will get as you age. And the less osteo-arthritis you have, the less pain you will have and the more activity you can do overall.Eating right will also help to keep you looking and feeling younger as well. Eating right will reduce the amount of free-radicals that you take into your body. And it will keep your body stocked full of anti-oxidants that are found in fresh fruit and vegetables. These anti-oxidants will get rid of the free-radicals which will keep your body feeling better, help reduce pain, and help to keep you feeling better. Free-radicals are negatively charged particals that are found in abundance in most processed foods. The more processed it is, the more free-radicals it will have. Free-radicals attatch themselves to positively charged particals in your body and thereby disrupt delicate cycles and injure or destroy cells and molecules in our body. These microscopic injuries caused by the free-radicals eventually cause your body to slowly break down or degenerate over time. A leading theory of aging is based on free-radicals. Basically it means that a major cause of our bodies aging is from it breaking down over time due to exposure to free-radicals. Other things will cause us to age as well, but a mojor cause of it is how many free-radicals we have taken into our bodies over our lifetimes. It will slowly degenerate our bodies from the inside.You can definately do things to slow down or to reverse the aging process. I feel the best things you can do for yourself now and in the future, to keep yourself feeling good now and later, is to exercise and keep yourself moving, and to eat healthy. Focus on feeling better, not just looking better. If you feel better, the looks, and the body will follow.



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