Anything is Possible Through Proper Nutrition and Exercise

fat shadow manNo matter how obese you are, no matter how inactive you are, you can get yourself into better shape. You can get more energy. You can lose weight. You can reduce your pain.

I copied onto this post about a woman named Theresa who at her most weighed almost 500 pounds and wasn’t able to walk any distance. After cutting back on her diet and slowly increasing her activity levels, she has been able to lose over 200 pounds in 2 years.

When you are obese and inactive, it can be very hard to see a way out. If you can’t walk down a hallway, how can you exercise enough to lose weight?

The trick is to start easy and to start at your own level. If you can’t walk more than 2 minutes at once, then start with that. Start out walking 2 minutes 5 days a week. When that 2 minute walk eventually becomes easy, then increase it by 1 or 2 minutes. Then when that time frame becomes easy, then increase it again.

You have to slowly increase your activity. I look at it as you have to get yourself in shape to begin to exercise. Pain Free Lifestyle takes you step by step and easily leads you into better shape.

Here is the article about Theresa. Never lose hope, you can always feel better, reduce pain, and increase activity levels through proper nutrition and exercise. It is the Pain Free way.





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