blog #2 Preparing for the revenge of the rattlesnake

I love the fall weather. Boy does it really feel like fall is coming. I went on a mountain bike ride yesterday with a friend of mine by 7 springs in the laurel highlands about an hour outside of pittsburgh. It was a beautiful day. We went on one of my favorite trails called birch rock. At one point you go down a steep left hand turn which leads you through a natural rock tunnel. And you have to be careful otherwise you’ll hit your handle bars on the sides of the tunnel. As it was i hit my shoulder on the side and got a good bruise there. The trail ends with a very steep and technical down hill. The friend i rode with is a very good online coach named Mike Schultz. He is a pro mountain biker. I rode with him one time on this trail and saw him flip over his handle bars at the end of the trail and have to get stitches in his face after his sunglasses smashed into his face. Luckily they missed his eye.

But I had a lot of fun. And it is nice to be able to be in such great scenery and have fun and still get a good workout in. I didn’t go so hard because i am trying to rest up for a big moutain bike race this weekend in canaan valley, west virginia. The race is called the Revenge of the Rattlesnake. It is a blast. It consists of some of the best trails or singletrack in west virginia.

So this week is an easy week for me. Depending on how hard and how much you exercise, it can actually reach a point where it is hard to take time off. But rest is very important. You must take at least one day off a week from all exercising. I take one week easy per month. Which means that I reduce my hours of exercising to half of what I usually do for one week out of the month. This helps my muscles heal better and quicker, and actually makes me stronger. So this week all I am doing is resting and eating. I can’t wait, going to have lulu’s noodles pad this on friday for some carbo-loading.

I think that everyone is competitive in thier own ways, and if you can find something postive, to take out your competitive juices with, it is a good thing. I feel lucky in that I can mountain bike and be competitive and it helps get me in better shape, is very good for my health, and is good for my mind and spirit. I feel it is also important to do something that makes you feel filled up. I find it hard to spend long hours in the gym doing the elliptical machine. But some people love it. That is why it is so important to find some type of exercise that you enjoy doing.

Because if you dread the exercise, then you won’t stick with it as long as you would if you did like the exercise.

So I guess that’s it for today. Just remember, try to find some activity that you like to do. It will increase your chances of sticking with it long term, and it will help you get as much benefit from it as you can.



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