Brain Health and Cell Phones

Today in the New York Times it was reported that a new study led by Nora D. Volkow who is the director of the National Institute of drug Abuse showed that brain activity is altered for up to an hour following talking on a cell phone. It has not been determined if this increased brain activity is a good or bad thing.For years I have been seeing the muscular effects of long term cell phone usage. I see people every day whose neck and shoulders are very tight and irritated and painful from craining their necks while talking on their cell phones all day long. Putting your neck in this position causes the muscles in the neck and shoulders to tighten up slowly over time. This will make you susceptable to easily injuring your neck or shoulder when you do a benign movement such as reaching behind in the car or it can cause you to wake up and not be able to turn your head after “sleeping funny” one night. It is not these minor irritations that cause the injury. They are the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was all of the time talking on a cell phone and cradelling it between your neck and shoulder for hours and hours over the course of weeks and months. This repetitive motion causes the muscles to get tighter and tighter until a small movement causes the muscles to tear and sends them into a spasm. This tearing can be called many different things, all meaning the same thing: sprain, strain, pull, throw out. Whatever it is called, the effects are the same: moderate to severe muscle pain when using that muscle and very restricted range of motion.So how do you avoid this? First off exercising will drastically decrease the chances of this happening. This is because if you keep the muscles strong then they will endure more abuse before they reach the point of becoming so tight that they will tear with a minor action. Stretching the muscles will decrease the tightness that accumulates on a daily basis in these overused muscles. Also talking on a blue tooth device or a head set will also decrease the irritation that is put on your neck.Another reason to use a headset or blue tooth device is that some scientists believe that  the low level electromagnetic radiation used in cell phones can contribute to the developement of rare brain tumors. There is no research connectin the use of cell phones and the developement of brain tumors. But I feel there is a possibility of a connection between the two, and so therefore using a bue tooth device will decrease the chances of your cell phone affecting your brain chemistry. And I want to decrease any chances what so ever of my cell phone causing any health effects later on down the road.



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