It is that time of your again, cold and flu season. At this time of the year, we are in so contact with so many people who are sick. And we are in confined areas with recycled air with sick people. I have 2 little children who are germ machines (as any parent can attest to). They are always bringing new germs home from school, and getting sick a lot. Recently both of my children and my wife were all sick. They were sick for the whole month of Novemember. I was able to put off getting sick until about 2 weeks ago. Since I have felt like I smoked an whole pack of cigarettes (something I haven’t done since college). I have had a lot of crap in my lungs. I believe that if I went to the doctor I would get diagnosed with bronchitis, and put on an anti-biotic. I personally try to take as little medicine as possible, but I do believe that sometimes you have to take it. So this time I was determined to treat it myself. I used a netti pot a few times a day. This helps to clear out the sinuses and keep them healhty and moist, and it also allows saline solution to run down the back of my throat which can kill bacteria in the throat that can cause strep throat. I also have been doing some deep breathing.Most of us only breath into the top third of our lungs. So when sick the bottom 2/3 of your lungs doesn’t get much fresh air into them to help clear out all of that crap. I visualize it as almost spider webs of mucous being formed in the bottom of your lungs. It takes deep breathing to clear this out. It is this trapped mucous in the bottome of your lungs that can eventually cause pneumonia or bronchitis. So I did a few easy bike rides and breathed very deeply. How i recommend doing it is: breath deeply from your nose, try to breath as deeply as possible, expand your lungs and rib cage as much as you can. Get some fresh air into the bottom of those lungs. Try to break up all of that sticky, dark green mucous in the bottome of your lungs. So breath in deeply through your nose, hold the breath for a few seconds, and then slowly exhale from your mouth with pursed lips. And repeat this process as much as you can throughout the day. This will help your lungs heal from the cold.And even when you are not sick, it is still important to breath deeply every day. Your lungs are like a filter, you have to clear them out every once in a while, otherwise the start getting clogged up.



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