Can Exercise and Sex Really Cause A Heart Attack?

A few weeks ago a syudy was published in the New England Journal of Medicine that talked about a possible connection between cardio-vascular exercise or sex and heart attacks. A lot of people interpreted this study to say that this was eveidence that they shouldn’t be exercising at all. And here, finally, was the evidence they needed to prove that exercise makes one more susceptible to heart attacks. Well this is not entirely accurate.This study out of Tufts University concluded that a 1 time activity or excertion could triple someone’s risk of a heart attack after the activity. But, it also stated, if that same person were regularly active, their overall risk of a heart attack decreased by 45%; and the risk of dying from that heart attack was decreased by 30%.So if you take someone who is not in shape, and have them do a strenuous activity, they will have an increased risk of a heart attack. But for someone who is in good cardio-vascular shape, strenuous exercise can increase their already lowered chance of a heart attack. It seems that everyone is more susceptible to a heart attack following moderate activity. Dr. Gary Balady, the director of preventitive cardiology at the University of Boston, believes this is due to an increase in adreniline following activity. This increase in adreniline, when coupled with other physiological changes, can cause an irregular heart beat and make someone susceptible to a heart attack. But, he went to say, regular exercise allows the heart to adapt to those surges and deal with them without causing a heart attack or other health issues. Exercise helps the body to deal with intense physical activity with as little negative effects as possible.So what does this all mean? It means that you have to keep yourself in shape. This is just another example of how being in shape can affect your life for the positive in the real world. In this study, sex was described as moderately intense exercise. I want to be able to have sex for the rest of my life, without worrying about whether I will have a heart attack following it. If I keep myself in shape, then the increased risk of having a heart attack following moderate activity (or sex), will be greatly reduced. Exercise affects us and our bodies in so many ways. It keeps us in shape to handle the rigours of the real world. It allows us to be injured or sick as little as possible. We have to keep ourselves in shape to handle the stresses of the real world. If you don’t, it will catch up to you in one way or another, it is only a matter of time.



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