a pain free lifestyle

this blog/ website will be undergoing a bit of a change soon. i feel that the title of pain free lifestyle fits this concept more than the common sense method. i chose common sense method because what i recommend and profess is a common sense approach to eating and exercise. I feel that these things are made out to be too complicated. and taking a common sense approach will make it much more accessible to more people. It is easier to understand and easier to follow and incorporate into your lifestyle.So why change to pain free lifestyle now? well i still believe that this approach is a common sense approach. But I feel that I want to focus more on the fact that if followed as is, this program will give you the best chance at being able to lead a pain free lifestyle. and so many of us are in constant and chronic pain. So much goes into our being in pain. And most of the time modern medicine can not figure out what is causing the pain, and if they can figure out what is causing it most of the time there is nothing they can do about it. I see people all day long who have been told by someone in the health care profession that they just have to live and cope with thier pain.I feel, and know, that there is so much we can do for ourselves to get ourselves out of pain and keep ourselves out of pain. there is something very therapeutic about being able to take control of your health. You are not helpless and solely in the hands of doctors. You CAN do something about what shape you are in and the pain that you are in. I am chirorpractor who specializes in muscle work, a type of trigger point therapy. This has allowed me to learn first hand which exercises are helpful and easy on the body. And which exercises are not as good for your body and it is those exercises that will contribute to your being in pain, and even can make it worse. It is common to think that you are doing something good for yourself by exercising but then later on find out that the exercises that you thought were helping you out were actually hurting you.I want to get some good and reliable information out there that people can follow and feel good about. And in turn it will make you feel good. It is very possible, and very do-able.so stay tuned. Things are just getting exciting here.

common sense in a mountain bike race

well I did the Revenge of the Rattlesnake Race this past weekend and had a great time, until about half way through the race I tore the side of my tire. I patched it and it held up for a few miles but then as soon as i got onto some very technical and rocky trails the patch broke again. I tried to ptach it again but wasn’t able to.So I decided to use some common sense and walk back to the aid station that i had just passed and got a ride back to town with one of the volunteers. West Virginia is known for it’s East Coast Singletrack. East coast single track is very rocky, rooty, twisty, turney trails that are tough to walk on let alone ride your bike on. And this race in West Virginia (the revenge of the rattlensake) is the toughest of the technical races in west virginia. Not to mention the fact that this race was 45 miles. I completed 20 of the miles. I love this type of riding because it requires you to use your entire body. Your abdominals get sore from bracing your body while you bounce around. Your shoulders get sore from stabilizing your upper body. It is a full body workout. But you still don’t take as much of a beating as if you were to run for 4 or 5 hours (which is how long it takes to complete one of these races). Biking is just a lot easier on your body than running, which is why I recommend it over running. I love being able to get out and ride for a few hours, and then going home and eating a huge meal. If you run, and you are in great shape, then you can consistently do hour and a half lopng runs, but not much longer than that on a regular basis. this is because of the pounding your joints get while running. You need more time to recover from the pounding of running than from biking, which has no pounding.

Try biking. Start out easy. Start out with an hour ride at an easy pace. Give yourself a few rides to get used to being on a bike and get used to the handling. After a few rides you’ll find you’ll feel more comfortable going faster after you get used to the bike. And it is a great exercise, and the time just flies by. It is one of my favorite exercises.

blog #2 Preparing for the revenge of the rattlesnake

I love the fall weather. Boy does it really feel like fall is coming. I went on a mountain bike ride yesterday with a friend of mine by 7 springs in the laurel highlands about an hour outside of pittsburgh. It was a beautiful day. We went on one of my favorite trails called birch rock. At one point you go down a steep left hand turn which leads you through a natural rock tunnel. And you have to be careful otherwise you’ll hit your handle bars on the sides of the tunnel. As it was i hit my shoulder on the side and got a good bruise there. The trail ends with a very steep and technical down hill. The friend i rode with is a very good online coach named Mike Schultz. He is a pro mountain biker. I rode with him one time on this trail and saw him flip over his handle bars at the end of the trail and have to get stitches in his face after his sunglasses smashed into his face. Luckily they missed his eye.

But I had a lot of fun. And it is nice to be able to be in such great scenery and have fun and still get a good workout in. I didn’t go so hard because i am trying to rest up for a big moutain bike race this weekend in canaan valley, west virginia. The race is called the Revenge of the Rattlesnake. It is a blast. It consists of some of the best trails or singletrack in west virginia.

So this week is an easy week for me. Depending on how hard and how much you exercise, it can actually reach a point where it is hard to take time off. But rest is very important. You must take at least one day off a week from all exercising. I take one week easy per month. Which means that I reduce my hours of exercising to half of what I usually do for one week out of the month. This helps my muscles heal better and quicker, and actually makes me stronger. So this week all I am doing is resting and eating. I can’t wait, going to have lulu’s noodles pad this on friday for some carbo-loading.

I think that everyone is competitive in thier own ways, and if you can find something postive, to take out your competitive juices with, it is a good thing. I feel lucky in that I can mountain bike and be competitive and it helps get me in better shape, is very good for my health, and is good for my mind and spirit. I feel it is also important to do something that makes you feel filled up. I find it hard to spend long hours in the gym doing the elliptical machine. But some people love it. That is why it is so important to find some type of exercise that you enjoy doing.

Because if you dread the exercise, then you won’t stick with it as long as you would if you did like the exercise.

So I guess that’s it for today. Just remember, try to find some activity that you like to do. It will increase your chances of sticking with it long term, and it will help you get as much benefit from it as you can.

what common sense method is about

Hello, my name is Josh Cohen. I am a chiropractic nutritionist from pittsburgh, pa who specializes in trigger point therapy, muscles and nutrition. This technique allows me to be very effective at reducing pain. Throughout the years that i have been practicing i have learned how the muscles work together and how they get irritated together. Through my experience I have learned how to effect most types of pain through nutrition and exercise. If done in the right way, exercise and nutrition can have a hue effect on the level of pain you have in your body.

I do not promote radical changes to your lifestyle in order to get into shape in 1 or 2 weeks. I promote more of a Common Sense Approach to diet and exercise. I feel that you need to make small changes over time in order to really affect your body and get you feeling good and get into better shape; the 2 usually go hand in hand.

I feel that you should exercise and take care of yourself to not only feel better now, but so that you’ll feel better 10 to 20 years from now as well. If you don’t take care of yourself, it will only be a matter of time before your body gives out on you.

But you have to exercise in the right way. I believe in doing functional exercises. These are exercises that strengthen up your entire body, not just one muscle or muscle group. In the real world hundreds of muscles move at once in order for you to just take one step. So why train just one muscle? Being able to do a bench press will not help you out at all in the real world. Even professional football players are getting away from that old exercise because it only promotes shoulder instability and you never have a chance to do a bench press in the real world.

I believe in strengthening up the entire kinetic chain so that when you are walking down the street and talking to a friend and not paying attention and trip over a curb you will be able to cathc yourself and prevent yourself from being injured. The muscles that will prevent that are your functional muscles (core muscles, back muscles, leg muscles). The program i have developed will strengthen you up in the ways that will stabilize your body for real life. It is not developed to get you a beach body in 2 weeks. If you want that then this is not for you. Exercise has to be done consistently, and ideally for the rest of your life. This program is designed to be able to be done for the rest of your life. It is designed to reduce the pain your currently have and to prevent more pain from coming up in the future.

If you want to live without pain and be comfortable and not end up in a wheel chair not being able to take care of yourself, then this program is for you.

That is it for my first blog. Thank you for reading, and i’ll be blogging again soon. I practice what i preach and will also be posting my workouts so you can see what i do on a regular basis to keep myself pain free and feeling good.

Thank you, Josh Cohen