Chiropractic Research and Trigger Point Therapy

As I said previously, I am a Chiropractor who specializes in a specific form of chiropractic trigger point therapy called Nimmo, or Receptor Tonus Technique. My father is Jeffrey Cohen. He trained extensively with Dr. Raymond Nimmo, the creator of the technique. Dr. Nimmo left the technique name to my father. My father is one of the foremost practicioners of the technique in the world. I have worked with, and trained with, my father for the past 10 years. Recently I have started travelling with my father to upstate New York to assist with teaching a Nimmo course and with a trigger point study. This weekend was one of the weekends I assist. The prevailing theroy on trigger points is that they are a localized phenomena. Meaning that one trigger point in one muscle will not affect, and will not be affected by, the rest of the body. What this study is proving is what we as musculo-skeletal specialists have known for some time. That any movement you make you are using many muscles to make that movement. Every step you take you are using hundreds of muscles. So one trigger point in one muscle will affect, and be affected by, other muscles and other parts of the body. The research project I assisted with this weekend is proving that. My father, Lisa Papenbrock (the associate chiropractor I work with), and another doctor Terry Ku will present their findings at 2 different conferences. One a national conference in Los Vegas and another one in Rio de Janerio, which is an international conference.It has been fascinating to sit in on this study that is proving the fundamentals of our technique works. I work on trigger points all day. I specialize in locating them and treating them. I take it a step further by talking with my patients about thier lifestyle to help figure out repetitive issues of daily life. These are motions that everyone does on a regular basis. For a computer programer it would be to hunch over a computer and use thier shoulder and wrist muscles all day. For a house wife or husband it would be bending over all day to pick up toys and loads of laundry and leaning over a counter cooking food. Everyone has certain repetitive things they do every day. These repetitive issues slowly cause the overused muscles to tighten up over time. They eventually get so tight that they will become tight and irritated and inflammed. That is when someone will bend over to tie thier shoe and throw out thier back. Bending over to tie thier shoe was the straw that broke the camels back. What really caused the low back to go out was all of the hours spent sitting at a computer of bending over repeatedly to pick up your kids toys. I treat and heal these issues. And just as importantly, I help the patient recognize repetitive irritants so the can alter them to make them more friendly to thier body. I also help them establish exercise routines. Or if they have exercise routines I modify them to make sure the exercises are helping the person out, rather then further irritating an already irritated shoulder, hip, knee, etc. With my background I am able to set up exercise routines that are friendly to the body. Exercise routines that reduce pain and get someone moving more. Rather than exercise routines that are going to get you in shape in 2 weeks. My routines will get you in shape, but you’ll feel good while doing it, and you’ll feel better afterwards.



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