common sense in a mountain bike race

well I did the Revenge of the Rattlesnake Race this past weekend and had a great time, until about half way through the race I tore the side of my tire. I patched it and it held up for a few miles but then as soon as i got onto some very technical and rocky trails the patch broke again. I tried to ptach it again but wasn’t able to.So I decided to use some common sense and walk back to the aid station that i had just passed and got a ride back to town with one of the volunteers. West Virginia is known for it’s East Coast Singletrack. East coast single track is very rocky, rooty, twisty, turney trails that are tough to walk on let alone ride your bike on. And this race in West Virginia (the revenge of the rattlensake) is the toughest of the technical races in west virginia. Not to mention the fact that this race was 45 miles. I completed 20 of the miles. I love this type of riding because it requires you to use your entire body. Your abdominals get sore from bracing your body while you bounce around. Your shoulders get sore from stabilizing your upper body. It is a full body workout. But you still don’t take as much of a beating as if you were to run for 4 or 5 hours (which is how long it takes to complete one of these races). Biking is just a lot easier on your body than running, which is why I recommend it over running. I love being able to get out and ride for a few hours, and then going home and eating a huge meal. If you run, and you are in great shape, then you can consistently do hour and a half lopng runs, but not much longer than that on a regular basis. this is because of the pounding your joints get while running. You need more time to recover from the pounding of running than from biking, which has no pounding.

Try biking. Start out easy. Start out with an hour ride at an easy pace. Give yourself a few rides to get used to being on a bike and get used to the handling. After a few rides you’ll find you’ll feel more comfortable going faster after you get used to the bike. And it is a great exercise, and the time just flies by. It is one of my favorite exercises.



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