Diet and Exercise to Feel Good, Rather than just to Look Good

If you can eat and exercise in the right way, you can not only feel better, but also look better. If you can do low impact exercises for the right areas of your body, and eat in a sensible way, you will feel better and the end result will be that you will look better. I see many people who want to get into exercise. They go from sitting on the couch all day to doing 2 hours a day at the gym for five days a week. If you do this the end result will be that you’ll hurt yourself because you aren’t in shape to do those hard core exercises, then you’ll have to take time off from exercising to heal, then you’ll get back into exercising a few months later, only to repeat the process.I believe that you’d be better off doing thirty minutes a day, three days a week for the rest of your life, than doing this up and down with exercising. Overall you’d end up doing more exercise over time, and therefore will end up burning more calories and not gaining as much weight over time as you would have if you weren’t exercising or if you were exercising on and off for years. And the less weight you put on, the better you will feel, less stress will be put on your joints (knees, hips, ankles), and the better you will look because you haven’t put on as much weight over the years.Everyone who exercises does it, to a certain degree, to look better. I believe that you can’t focus on just looking better with exercise, you have to focus on feeling better. If you focus on feeling better and doing exercises that are good for you, then you’ll exercise more consistently and therefore end up looking better over time.Some examples of exercises to stay away from: running, flat-bench straight-bar bench pressing, leg press machine, high impact cardio, and the list goes on. Check out my website or my up coming book to learn more exercises that you should stay away from and why to stay away from them. I believe in training smarter, rather than just training harder. If you train hard and don’t take any breaks then you will end up hurting yourself and having to take time off. Most of us are not going to be professional athletes. Most of us want to look and feel better and get into some type of shape. If that describes you then you should be staying away from heavy weight lifting and high impact exercises and cardio. We aren’t looking to get huge or to be able to bench press 500 pounds. So don’t train like you are going to do that. I believe in using our common sense and listening to our bodies. If it hurts then don’t do it. Pain is your body’s self protective mechanism. Listen to it. The old days of working through pain is wrong. Learn to listen to your body. It won’t lie to you, and if you can listen to it, you’ll be able to exercise for a long, long time, and keep yourself healthy and feeling and looking good. And isn’t that why you exercise in the first place?



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