Exercise and Personal Trainers

gymThere are as many reasons why people seek out personal trainers, as there are personal trainers.

Some people need the motivation of having someone waiting for them. While some need to have something scheduled. Some people pay a trainer up front for multiple sessions because they know that the only thing that will get them to the gym is not wanting to lose money.

One of the main reasons, I see, why people hire trainers is because they don’t know what to do. They lack the knowledge of how to properly exercise and train themselves.

It can be very daunting and intimidating to walk into a gym or an athletic club to workout if you don’t know what to do. There are many machines and weights in gyms that unless you have used them before, or have seen them used, you will have no idea what the machine is even for. Couple that with being out of shape, and it can be extremely hard to get the motivation to go to a gym to exercise.

There is no reason why anyone should know how to properly exercise, stretch and eat right unless they have been trained. There are many people who have been trained in nutrition and exercise and still don’t know what they are doing.

When hiring a trainer you have to watch out for those who are out to just make money. Watch out for someone who wants to get you big. Not everyone is meant to be ripped, lean, huge and muscular. Especially if you are out of shape and haven’t exercised in a while, someone who promises to make you big is lying and only going to hurt you. Not everyone is meant to get big or get ripped. If you have the genetics to get big and muscular, then it takes time to properly put on muscle mass. It can take up to a month to put on a pound of pure muscle. Take your time.

A reason why you will find many different mind sets and goals among personal trainers is that there are is no official licensure for trainers. There are certifications such as C.S.C.S. (certified sports and conditioning specialist), but you don’t need any one certification to become a trainer. You can become a trainer with no experience and no certification.

Just because a trainer is huge, built, ripped and lean doesn’t mean that they are a good trainer. It doesn’t mean that they are going to be able to help you get into shape. They might give you the same workout that they are doing which may be completely unrealistic and injury provoking for you.

In the same vain, just because a trainer doesn’t look like they are in shape, doesn’t mean that they can’t help you to get into shape and feel good. Genetics plays a major role in our overall health, and in how we react to exercise. Just because your friend got ripped and lean from working out with a certain trainer, doesn’t mean that trainer will be the right one for you as well.

Use pain as a guide. Pain is your body’s way of protecting itself; it’s a self protective mechanism. Listen to it. There is some truth to “no pain, no gain”, but it is an old school mindset. It is normal to be a little sore after a workout. Especially when you first start working out, it will take very little to make you sore. That is why you have to start out very easy when beginning to get into shape. A good trainer will recognize this and not push you too hard when you are just starting out. If you get so sore that you have trouble moving the next day, then you were pushed too hard. When doing new motions you will get sore from using a very little amount of weight. Give yourself some time to get used to the new motions and then you can start progressing and pushing it harder.

It is normal to have some muscle soreness after exercise, but it is not necessary. Don’t be disappointed if you aren’t sore after a workout. If you are not a professional athlete, then you shouldn’t train like one. A good trainer will push you just hard enough that you get a workout with the least amount of soreness.

Too much soreness could be signs of muscle damage. When you exercise you tear microfibers in the muscles. When these microfibers in the muscles repair themselves (hypertrophy), your muscles get bigger. Rhabdomyolysis is muscle injury from exercise taken to an extreme. Rhabdomyolysis is becoming a common side effect of cross fit, and other extreme exercise systems. Rhabdo, as it is commonly being called, is when the muscle fibers break down and the contents of the muscle and fibers spill out into the blood. Tearing a microfiber during exercise is repairable. Destroying your muscle and leaking the contents of the muscle into the blood stream is no repairable. Those muscles will not be able to be used again for the rest of the person’s life. Don’t push yourself too hard. You want to be a little sore, but not so sore that it is painful and affects your life.

Something to keep in mind when searching for a personal trainer is that unless they have a degree in nutrition, most trainers don’t know more about nutrition then you do. They may have read up on it a little bit. But they are not nutritionists and therefore their advise on eating should be taken with a grain of salt.

All of these are reasons why I created Pain Free Lifestyle. I want to get reliable information out to people who need it. I have worked in the exercise and nutrition fields for many years. I have treated many people who have hurt themselves from exercising too much, and from exercising too little. I want to get a good, reliable, sustainable exercise routine out there that most people can follow. It will not pertain to all of the people, but around 80% of the people out there will be able to use this program, and follow it injury free.

I want to take the guess work out of exercising and eating right. The Pain Free Lifestyle program is set up to take you from not having exercised in years to exercising consistently and eating right. This program was designed for those of you who have no idea how to exercise. It is designed for those of you who are in pain, haven’t exercised in years, and may be overweight. It is designed for everyone from baby boomers to those who are in college or grad school, spending hours at their computers and suffering from joint pain from it.

The Pain Free Lifestyle program is easy on your body and easy to follow. It takes you step by step from not having exercised in years to exercising, stretching and eating right. Through my years of treating neuromusculoskeletal (muscle) injuries, I know which muscles to strengthen and which muscles to loosen. Through my years of nutritional consultations and through my degree in nutrition, I know how to slowly incorporate healthy eating and how to eat so that you eat healthy but don’t feel deprived.

Exercising and eating right work better if you have a plan. Exercise and eat right intelligently. Be smarter, not harder, about the choices you make pertaining to your health. It is the Pain Free Way.






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