Exercise, Trigger Points, and Muscle Pain

Muscles control all movement. Every finger movement to eye blink to cough to toe wiggle to getting up from a chair to getting out of a car to, well, you name the movement, is controlled by muscle.

And usually tens to hundreds of muscles to control even the smallest of movements.

Every movement consists of thousands to millions of neurons firing all throughout the brain and the spine and the central nervous system to the peripheral nervous system, controlling hundreds of muscles that are contracting and relaxing to allow the movement, akin to a symphony of firings throughout the nervous system.

All of this just to control scratching your nose.

If one of the hundreds of muscles that facilitate scratching your nose is irritated, tight, spasmed, inflamed, sore, etc, then it will not move the exact way that it was designed to. Other muscles in the surrounding area, and in other areas of the body that facilitate the movement, will have to  move more to make up for the lack of motion. Thereby throwing off the balance of the muscles in the body and facilitating imbalance and muscle irritation.

The more a muscle has to work to compensate, the more overworked it becomes. the more overworked a muscle gets, the tighter it gets until it tears on a microscopic level. This is what a muscle  tear, sprain, strain, muscle pull, is. They are all the same mechanism. A microscopic tearing of the muscle fiber. Akin to the fraying of a rope. It is not a complete tearing of the muscle. It is a partial tearing of the muscle fibers.

Ask anyone who ahs thrown out their back. The pain can be more intense then a bone fracture, and can take longer to heal.  Muscles then fall into the pathoneurological pathways that facilitate trigger points. These trigger points will stay in the muscle and keep it in a pattern of spasm and inflammation that can last months to years.

This muscular imbalance can cause a joint to wear differently than how it was designed which can bring on arthritis or cause arthritic joints to get worse over time.

If you can get these trigger points released and treated, then you can reduce your pain and be able to exercise with little pain and injury. If you can treat your body prior to starting my Pain Free Lifestyle exercise routine, you will be able to get rid of joint aches and pains and be able to get better use and range of motion out of your muscles and joints.

If you can find a Nimmo certified trigger point chiropractor, then you can treat your own trigger points easily at home through my trigger point treatment program.

If you sign up for it, you will be able to treat pain all throughout the body, easily at home, with a foam roller and tennis ball. Just because you have pain in the front of your shoulder radiating down into your hand, doesn’t mean that the pain is coming from the front of the shoulder. It might be coming from one or two of the rotator cuff muscles that get easily irritated and can cause pain, tingling and numbness radiating down into your hand.

That’s okay. Those rotator cuff muscles (infraspinatus and teres minor) are easy to treat if you know how.

Pain, tingling and numbness radiating from your low back into your stomach, hips, groin, legs, knees, and feet, usually come from muscles in the hips and legs (gluteus medius, minimus, tensor fascia lata).

That’s okay as well. These muscles can be easily treated at home with a little know how. All you need is a tennis, ball, foam roller, and my videos.

i’ll show you how to treat the muscles that can cause irritractable sciatic pain, and piriformis syndrome. These muscles can also cause groin pain, knee pain, patellar tracking pain, chondromallecia patella pain.

I treat these muscles every day at my practice where I specialize in specific chiropractic trigger point treatment.

I also teach this technique at a chiropractic college in upstate new York. I have been teaching it for over 10 years there.

Once you treat these painful and irritated muscles you will be primed to start exercising. Your body will be balanced, your muscles will be looser and less injury prone. Your muscles will be less reactive and less “spazzy”. You will be less likely to pull a muscle. You will be able to get rid of, or at least reduce, most pain throughout your body, before starting an easy on your body exercise system I designed through my knowledge of the musculo-skeletal system.

Pain Free Lifestyle is an easy on your body exercise program that eases your way into exercise. The nutrition program is easy follow and easy to incorporate into your busy lifestyle. It is easy to stick with consistently. Which is what you have to  do to get any benefit from any exercise and nutrition program.

Treat muscle irritation and reduce joint pain. Exercise intelligently. Eat smart. This is the Pain Free Way.



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