Exercises to Avoid


Exercise and weight lifting can be great for your body. Weight lifting and strength training can stabilize irritated and painful joints. It can slow down the progression of arthritis and joint degeneration. You just have to do the right exercises.

If you have knee pain or hip pain, then avoid the leg press machine and avoid lunges.

If you have shoulder pain avoid flat bench, straight bar bench press and straight bar military press.

I have attached a slide show that shows some exercises to avoid, and how to perform some other exercises properly. If you use bad form, or use too much weight, then you can easily injure yourself and set yourself back.

The one exercise I disagree with in this slide show is the leg press. I never recommend doing the leg press machine. Men really like this machine because it is easy to use a lot of weight with it. But I feel that it puts your hips in a susceptible position for injury. I have worked on many people for pulled low back and hip muscles from doing the leg press machine. It puts your hips in a bad position. If you have had back issues in the past I would definitely avoid this machine. Even if you haven’t had back issues before, avoid them by avoiding the leg press machine.

Other exercises I recommend staying away from are: abduction and adduction machine, any exercise behind your neck (military press/ lat pull downs), bench press. Those are the main ones I recommend to stay away from to avoid injury. Read more on the Pain Free Lifestyle website to find out more about which exercises to do and which ones to stay away from.

If you can exercise in the right way, you will have a much more Pain Free Lifestyle.




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