Falling, or The Older We Get, The Harder The Ground Becomes, part 3

yoga 2You can prevent falls. Not just by being more aware of where you step. But by strengthening the muscles that support you and keep you upright, and that will catch you when you fall.

Even though falling might seem like an isolated incidence, with little predisposing you to it, falling is made worse and more likely by your overall health.

The leading cause of falling in those over age 65 is from a lack of hip mobility. This lack of hip mobility builds up over time. It is cummulative.

Over the years, through repetitive motions and injury, muscles slowly get tighter and tighter. The tighter they become, the less functional they are. They will have less range of motion, and less strength. They will be less reactive, meaning that they won’t react as quickly when you need them to. They won’t react quickly enough to catch you when you fall.

The stronger and looser you keep your muscles, the more reflexive and responsive they will be. But you have to strengthen and stretch them in the right way.

High impact and high intensity exercise systems such as p90x and crossfit become less approrpiate the older we get. As we age, our bodies cant deal with the stress and trauma from high impact exercising. Low impact and low intensity exercising is much easier on your body and therefore much easier to stick with long term. And consistency is the only way to get any benefits out of exercise.

Pain Free Lifestyle is a stretching, strengthening and nutrition program designed to be easy on the body, easy to incorporate into your life, and easy to stick with. It is low impact and low intensity. It is designed to make your body more functional. Meaning that it will make real life easier. It will make carrying a load of laundry easier, it will make walking up and down stairs easier, it will make you less injury prone. It won’t make you huge and it won’t make you a professional athlete.

Exercise smarter to make life easier on your body. This is the Pain Free Way.

Here is a link to the New York Times article on how to avoid falling



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