Genetically Modified Foods

There is a lot of information coming out about genetically modified foods. These are foods that have been changed by man to grow faster, larger and be more drought resistant than regular foods.

But, are they as safe as the natural versions or non-genetically modified foods? If you listen to the large corporations who produce the genetically modified (GM) foods, like Monsanto, the GM foods are better for you than the natural forms. I think that rarely is man able to make something better than how it is naturally.

Artificial knee and hip joints are good, but they are not nearly as good as the original joint. The original joint lasted most of your life, or can last all of your life if you take care of your joints. Artificial joints will last only 10 to 20 years before they wear out.

From what I have read, the same pertains to the GM foods. They are good, but not the same as the natural form of the food.

You may have seen pictures of rats floating around the internet that have large, grotesque tumors. These rats were fed GM foods and trace amounts of Roundup, less than what is legally allowed in our water. This was for a study in Brittan concerning GM foods.

The first ever study to examine the long-term effects of eating GM foods was recently released, and the findings are interesting to say the least. The study was lead by Gilles-Eric Seralini from the University of Caen. The study was published in The Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal and was presented at a news conference in London.

The researchers had a few different groups of rats they studied. One group was a control group, meaning they did nothing out of the ordinary with that group of rats. Then there were 3 other groups that were fed solely different types of GM corn along with trace amounts of the pesticide Roundup. The amount of Roundup used was less than the amount that is legally allowed in our water system.

The results were astounding. The animals on the GM diet suffered mammary tumors, along with extensive liver and kidney damage. 50% of the males and 70% of the females died prematurely, compared to 30% of males and 20% of females in the control group. Rats that drank trace amount of Roundup, less than the amount that is legally allowed in our water supply, had a 200% to 300% increase in large tumors. Rats that were fed Gm corn and trace amounts of Roundup suffered severe organ damage including liver and kidney damage.

Dr. Michael Antoniou, a molecular biologist at King’s College of London, said that “We can expect that the consumption of GM maize (corn) and Roundup, impacts seriously on human health.”

I attached a write up about the study to this article. There is also an attachment to the study itself. It is interesting to see the long term effects of eating genetically modified foods on mammals. It is something to take a look. If eating it causes more health issues than eating the natural forms, it is worth while to at least decrease your consumption of GM foods.

Monsanto is currently fighting a bill in California that would not make GM foods list that they are genetically modified. In Europe 10 to 15 years ago Monsanto was on the other end of this fight. At that time Monsanto was pushing for foods to say if they are genetically modified or not. From what I have read, this is because Europe had already passed a bill stating that GM foods had to list if they were GM or not, and Monsanto wanted to seem like they care.

Not in California. I read that Monsanto has invested millions in trying to ban the bill that would make them label their foods GM or not. I understand them wanting to veto that bill. I would if my GM foods were causing the health issues theirs is.

Here is the article, and a link to the study itself.



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