Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster

When people diet it is common for most people to diet for a while, a month or two, and lose some weight, and then go back to their old eating and exercising habits. It is then only a matter of time before they gain all the weight they lost back, and usually end up gaining a little extra back as well. I feel this is because they are not learning how to make changes to their lifestyle that they can stick with.You have to learn new habits and strategies for eating right and exercising. It is hard to incorporate these changes into your lifestyle long-term. And make no mistake, the changes will only work if you stick with them consistently and for the long -term.Let’s look at some of the more outrageous diets out there. There is no way someone will be able to eat just cabbage soup for the rest of their life. I have no doubt that just eating cabbage soup for a week or two will cause someone to lose weight. But what happens when they go back to their old eating patterns and habits? They have not learned what is healthy and what is not, and how to slowly incorporate in a realistic way positive eating habits. So of course they will go back to eating lots of processed and fatty foods and sweets and whatever else they ate before. They learned very well how to make cabbage soup and how to store it for a week. But that won’t do them anny good for eating in the real world. So it just makes sense that they will eventually gain the weight back that they originally lost.So once someone gains the weight back, they usually try to go on another diet to lose weight again, because why not? It worked before. And then they’ll go on another diet, this one maybe eating lots of protient cookies. Well once again I am sure that they will lose weight but will they be able to keep it off once they go back to their old habits? Studies show that 95% of the time they will not be able to keep the weight off. 95% of the time diets fail. And I feel that this up and down on the dieting roller coaster, losing weight and then gaining it all right back, is very hard on your system and metabolism. I feel that in the long run, it slows down your metabolism and over time it makes it harder to lose weight.What will work is slowly incorporating lifestyle changes. These changes are to the degree of go from eating fast food from 4 times a week down to 2 times a week. And every 2 weeks you make another small change like that. So that by the end of my program, you have learned how to encorporate positive, healthy changes into your diet that you can stick with. And if at any time you reach a point in the program where you feel you can not stick with the changes, then you can just stay where you are and be confident that just the few small changes you have encorporated will make a difference in your life. But the trick is to be able to stick with the changes long term.In my program I will teach you how to incorporate these changes into your life. I will teach you which changes to include and how to go about it. If you learn how to do it yourself, with no reliance on systems or pre-packaged foods, you will be able to stick with it long term. And you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to incorporate these changes into your life.



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