Getting Rid Of Fat Through Diet And Exercise

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When looking for a way to lose weight and get into shape, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the exercise, nutrition and weight loss programs available.

There are literally thousands of programs to choose from. Most programs advertise that they are the newest, quickest, best and only way to lose weight.

These programs advertise that they use scientifically proven ways to lose weight. Some claim to specifically target hard to lose areas such as the stomach and thighs. The problem is that there is very little about them that is scientifically proven. There is no way to target specific parts of the body for weight loss.

There are different types of fat- white and brown. Brown fat’s primary function is to produce heat, and therefore raise metabolism. It can do this because it is rich in mitochondria, the power producing components of cells. Up until the past year it was thought that only newborns had brown fat. In January of 2014 researchers at the Garvan Institute if Medical Research in Australia found that brown fat does exist in adults. They also found that those with higher levels of brown fat were thinner than those with lower levels of brown fat.

The other type of fat is white fat. 50 grams of brown fat will burn about 300,000 calories per day. While 50 grams of white fat will store 300,000 calories.

Subcutaneous fat is located just below the skin. It is between the skin and the muscles. Too much of it can make people look plump and swollen. Visceral fat is the worst kind. This is the kind that forms around the organs to cushion them. This type of fat is the hardest to lose. Too much visceral fat leads to increased chances for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancers, and other health issues.

Visceral fat is thought to contribute to excess fatty acid storage in the pancreas and heart. This leads to dysfunction in these organs which leads to diseases such as: heart disease, type 2 diabetes, liver problems and other conditions. Visceral fat cells also have more receptors for cortisol and insulin. These hormones promote fat accumulation.

Testosterone, growth hormone and estrogens are associated with low weight and high metabolism. It is common for those with excess abdominal fat to have high cortisol and insulin levels, along with low levels of testosterone, growth hormone and estrogen.

There are many diet pills that claim to reduce production of insulin or cortisol. Despite the advertisements for these drugs, no scientific research has backed up that these products work.

Other drugs that have been commonly touted as diet pills will either speed you up or block absorption of food. The pills that speed you up claim to speed up your metabolism and therefore will allow the fat to melt right off. This does not work. The fat will not melt right off. Maybe these pills do speed up your metabolism, but not enough to see a difference in your overall weight. With these pills there is more of a chance of having a heart attack than there is of losing weight.

The diet pills that block food absorption scare me. I feel that it can create a mal-absorption issue. Your body needs the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that come from food. Start preventing them from being absorbed and you can exacerbate many health issues.

Not to mention the fact that one of the chemicals the processed food industry uses to prevent food and fat absorption-olestra- was proven to cause anal leakage. No matter how much something can help me to lose weight, if it causes anal leakage, I’m not using it.

Most diet pills will say that they work in conjunction with diet and exercise. It is this “in conjunction with” that is key. That means that these pills won’t work unless you watch what you eat and exercise. Does that mean that the pill isn’t working and only the dieting and exercising is working? Probably.

The best way to lose weight and feel better, still is to eat a healthy, sensible diet and to exercise consistently. Foods high on the gylcemic index will spike blood sugar, increase insulin levels, increase cortisol levels and therefore should be eaten minimally.

Some foods can speed up your metabolism. But it is to a minimal degree and therefore should not be the focus of dieting. I feel it is more important to try to have an overall well balanced and healthy diet. Try to eat some fruit or vegetables with every meal. Reduce fried and processed foods to no more than 2 times per week. Take a good multi-vitamin. These will all help you to eat healthier and to maintain a healthy weight.

In April 2014, in the Journal of Sports Sciences, researchers found that aerobic training combined with resistance (strength) training was much more effective at reducing weight than just doing aerobic exercise alone.

Weight lifting will allow you to stabilize your body and to tone your muscles. This will make your joints and body more balanced and give more life to your joints. Don’t worry about getting too big, it is very hard to put on muscle as we age. Don’t lift heavy. It doesn’t take much to increase strength and to maintain it.

If you are not a professional athlete, then there is no reason to train like one. Lifting heavy weights will only cause the joints to break down faster and bring on arthritis. If you already have arthritis, then heavy weight lifting will only make it worse and get you closer to having a joint replacement.

Go easy on your body. Low impact and low intensity exercising is the way to go. You are training for the rigors of real life. It doesn’t take much, it just takes consistency. It is easier to be consistent if you are lifting light to medium weights.

An interesting aside is that in 2012 Harvard researchers proved that exercise triggered the release of a muscle hormone named irisin. Irisin is one of the main ways for turning white fat into brown fat.

There is no miracle pill for weight loss. If someone tells you there is, they are trying to sell you something. The only thing that works for weight loss and weight control is eating healthy and exercising.

Make eating right and exercising as easy on yourself as possible. The Pain Free Lifestyle is an exercise and nutrition program that is easy to follow, and easy to incorporate into your busy lifestyle.

Exercise smarter, not harder. Eat smarter, don’t starve yourself. This is the Pain Free Way.



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  1. When it comes to exercise, all that needs to be done is something that uses a number of muscles, and tires the body. This can be as simple as walking at a brisker pace than normal, swimming, or dancing to music in the home. An exercise that is enjoyable, and fits nicely in a person’s comfort zone, is more likely to be continued for the long term. Losing weight can be as complicated, or as simple as a person wants it to be. The best advice is to keep it simple.

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