Guidelines For Consistent Exercise

gymIt is hard to begin a new exercise routine, and it is even harder to stick with it. Consistency with exercise is essential if you want to see any results. There are some tried and true ways to get into exercise, and to keep exercising consistently.

Beginning any new routine is hard. Incorporating it into your lifestyle is very challenging. Most of us have many demands put upon us every day. Whether it is from career, home life, children, you name it, we all have stress and time is at a minimum. How do you make the most out of exercise, how can you make sure to get good, positive results? The following are some rules to incorporate into your lifestyle in order to get the most out of exercising.

Realize that exercise is a long term commitment. You cannot exercise once and expect the effects to last a lifetime. You have to keep exercising, for the rest of your life, consistently, in order to reap the benefits of exercising.

Schedule your exercise, and be realistic about it. If you have children, then the best time to exercise will probably be early in the morning, before the kids wake up. If you plan on exercising in the evening and are always too tired to exercise when the evening roles around, then don’t plan on exercising in the evening. Be realistic about when you will actually be able to exercise. If you don’t schedule it, then it is easy to forget about exercising, or to push it off to the side to wait for another day. Before you know it, a month will pass without exercising. Make it part of your routine. The beginning of the Pain Free Lifestyle program has you focus on just getting the scheduling down for when it is realistic for you to exercise on a regular basis. Get the scheduling down first, then increase the intensity.

Know what exercises are good for you and not good for you. I set up the Pain Free Lifestyle program to be easy on your body. The exercises I have recommended in it are proven to be easy on your body, and most people can do them without injury. Do not go into the gym with plan in mind. It will be frustrating and unproductive.

I am attaching an article to the end of this that goes more in depth into the guidelines for getting into, and staying with, a successful exercise routine. Some of the exercises that are listed in the following article I would not do unless you are in shape and have been exercising consistently for 6 months to a year, at least. Stick with the ones I recommend in the Pain Free Lifestyle program to begin with. They are easy on your body and will not cause injury.

Start out almost too lightly when beginning a new exercise routine. You will be doing new motions that your body is not used to. You will be surprised at how sore you will get form doing new exercises with light weights. Even if they feel too light, do not push it when beginning a new routine. If you do push it at the beginning, you will injure yourself. Work up to intensity. You have to get yourself in shape to have a hard workout. Otherwise you will injure yourself.

These are good rules to follow if you want to introduce exercise into your life, and you want to stick with it. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, consistent exercise is key.

Exercise smarter, not harder. Do it in a way that is easy on your body and easy to sustain. That is the Pain Free Way.

I am attaching an article written by James Clear about some guidelines to follow if you want to get into exercise, and stick with it. Please note though, unless you have been exercising consistently and are in at least decent shape, you should not do the exercises he recommends.



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