Healthy Eating Heals Injuries

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Everyone knows that if you want to be thin, then you have to eat right and eat healthy. Does healthy eating have other benefits for your body? And how does it positively benefit your body?

Eating right will increase energy levels. Eating right will help your body function at a higher right level. Eating right will prevent injuries, and help to heal injuries quickly.

Eating right will increase energy levels by keeping energy levels, and metabolism, constant and consistent throughout the day. When you eat something sugary, it will spike your blood sugar and give you a quick dose of energy for about 20 minutes. Then it will drop your blood sugar, energy levels, and metabolism for the next 1 to 2 hours. This will leave you feeling tired and lethargic and looking for another quick boost of energy, usually in the form of another sugary food. At this point your body will crave something sweet and sugary. Your brain will tell your body it needs a quick pick me up, which is what sugary foods do for your body. It will set a cycle for the day of eating sugary foods, increased energy levels, then low energy levels, then more sugary foods, then increased energy, then decreased energy, then sugary foods, and so on and so on.

Eating right will allow your body to function at a higher level. Your body is a machine, and therefore needs fuel for it to function. Think of a car: the higher octane fuel, the cleaner the fuel source, the better the car will run, and the longer it will run incident free. This is the same for your body.  If you feed your body cheap, processed, sugary, crappy foods, then it will not burn as cleanly as  healthy foods. Your body will not get as much energy out of the unhealthy foods. When burning and processing these unhealthy foods for fuel, the body will produce free radicals. These free radicals will wreak havoc on your body and cause the body to breakdown quicker and age faster than it would if you were eating healthy foods.

Eating right will aid in preventing injuries and helping injuries and insults to the body to heal quicker. When you exercise, you tear muscle fibers on a microscopic level. The muscle fibers are then repaired, and when they are repaired, they are a little bigger and a little stronger. This happens each time you exercise. Muscles also tear on a microscopic level throughout the day from performing repetitive motions which cause the muscle to slowly get irritated and tighten up over time until it gets so tight that it tears on a larger level. Muscles will also tear during a trauma like a car accident or a sprain or strain. Most injuries will involve some soft tissue injury.

In order to repair itself properly, so that it doesn’t tear again soon, a muscle needs the proper fuel vitamins, minerals and nutrients. If a muscle does not have the proper nutrients then it cannot repair itself properly. Structurally it will be weaker than it was before the injury. Eating right will provide the muscles with proper fuel and materials to adequately rebuild muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Eating right will help muscles, and the body as a whole, heal quickly. Eating right decreases inflammation throughout the body. When a muscle is torn it becomes inflamed. Eating right will help decrease the inflammation, and therefore help speed up healing. Healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables are full of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants squelch, or destroy, free radicals. Free radicals are negatively charged particles that are found in processed foods that will cause your body to breakdown and age quicker than it would otherwise. The more anti-oxidants in your body, the less pain you will have, and the better your body will function as a whole.

The reason why you take ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, Alleve, etc is because they are anti-inflammatories. They decrease inflammation which helps to decrease pain and helps injuries heal quicker. The reason why you use ice after an injury is to reduce inflammation. Eating right does this and provides the body with the proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs to repair and heal itself.

Eating badly, eating processed, salty, sugary and unhealthy foods, will slow down the healing process and prevent the body from achieving its potential. Eating badly will create inflammation. Inflammation will negatively affect every process throughout the body. The more inflammation in your body, the more pain you will be in on a daily basis. Inflammation will not create a problem, but it will certainly make the problem worse. It is like throwing fuel on a fire. The more inflammation present, the worse a problem will be.

Eating badly won’t kill you immediately, but it will cause you to die earlier than you would if you were eating healthy. Eating healthy could easily give you a few extra years of life. But more importantly, it could give you a few extra years of comfortable life. Eating healthy can help to decrease pain which can make you more comfortable overall. You don’t have to accept the pain that accompanies aging as inevitable, you can do something about it. Eating right will take the edge off of the pain associated with aging. Eating right will allow you to age more gracefully and prevent the pain associated with aging from even coming on.

The stronger, looser and healthier a muscle is, the less likely it will be to be injured. And the more likely it will be to withstand the rigors of daily life. Once a muscle is injured, it creates a reflex arch between itself and the spinal cord. This neurological connection makes it much more likely for previously injured muscles to become injured again.

Eating right will keep the muscles healthy and decrease inflammation and allow the muscles to heal properly from all of the minor irritations that occur throughout the day. Stretching will keep the muscles loose and supple.

In order to be healthy and feel good, I am convinced that your need to address four components of your lifestyle: healthy eating, stretching, aerobic conditioning, and strength training.

Stretching will help to prevent the muscles from getting to the point that they are so tight that they tear on a microscopic level. Exercise will keep the muscles strong so that they can withstand the stresses of daily life. Exercising will keep the muscles moving and active.

Exercise will prevent you from losing strength as you age. Exercise will also prevent you from losing your balance as you age as well.

Aerobic training will give your body the endurance to deal with the rigors of daily life.

Exercising, stretching and eating right are the best things you can do for yourself and your health. It will do more for you than any doctor or health care practitioner can.

Taking care of yourself intelligently, not falling for fad diets or fad exercise systems, keeping yourself healthy through small, subtle, sustainable changes  throughout your life, and feeling better for it: it is the Pain Free Way.



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