Healthy Snacking

food pyramidSnacking can make or break a healthy eating plan. Snacking is essential to controlling your appetite. Snacking on the right foods can prevent binging on food and prevent low energy and slow metabolism.

It can be difficult to snack on healthy foods. But once you get used to preparing them, it can be easy to snack healthy.

The most common question I hear about snacking is what is a healthy snack? I have attached a slide show to this article that has over 20 suggestions for healthy snacks.

Snacking on healthy foods will prevent you from getting overly hungry. Snacking on healthy foods will prevent that mid morning and mid afternoon drop in energy. Snacking on healthy foods will help to keep energy levels constant and consistent throughout the day.

It is good to snack between meals when you get a little hungry. This will prevent you from getting overly hungry. If you allow yourself to get overly hungry then you will end up over eating. Skipping breakfast and not eating constantly throughout the day will cause you to become overly hungry. When you get overly hungry, you’ll eat anything in sight.

If you snack on unhealthy foods that are processed, salty or full of sugars, you will set yourself up for a cycle of overeating throughout the day. This cycle will consist of eating the sugary foods, then a short bout of high energy followed by a few hours of low energy. When your energy is low, you will look for more sugary foods to quickly raise your energy levels again.

If you can plan out your snacks, and spend a few minutes preparing them the night before or in the morning before work, you will be able to snack healthy. This will cut out countless excess calories and also will be less expensive than buying snacks at work or somewhere else.

If you can spend a few minutes each day planning out what you are going to eat the next day, you will make healthy eating much easier on yourself. Living a healthy lifestyle is possible and can be easy.

Making a healthy lifestyle possible and easy through intelligent eating and exercising is the Pain Free Way.



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