Heart Attack Grill Attacks

Last week, Blair River, a 1999 Arizona State Wrestling Champion, died after contracting pneumonia following a bout with the flu. So what does this have to do with being healthy, exercising, eating right and being pain free?Blair gained a moderate amount of fame by being a spokeman for the Heart Attack Grill in Phoenix, Arizona. The Heart Attack Grill is famous for it’s unhealthy, high calorie menu. It was founded by a retired cardiologist who made the menu to be as unhealthy as possible. It serves hamburgers piled high with 4 to 6 patties. Anyone over 500 pounds can eat there for free. Blair, at the time of his death, was 575 pounds.In order to be healthy and feel good you don’t have to have 4 percent body fat, ripped muscles, and be under 200 pounds. There are variations in nature, and everyone is not meant to be 120 pounds and ripped. Some people can be 250 pounds and still be healthy. Each of our bodies have thier own set points for weight. Meaning that if you have been 220 pounds for the last 20 years, that will be your body’s set point. Your body will try to maintain that weight, even if you diet and exercise. It is hard to get it past that set point. There is information out there stating that if you reduce your calories to lose weight, then your body will unconciously try to take in more calories at another time in order to maintain that 220 pound set point. Now if you exercise and eat right, you can change the shape of your body, and replace the fat with muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat does, but with more muscle than fat your body will be much better off, there will be less stress on your system and on your joints, and your body will function at a higher level. Your body will not be in a chronic state of low level inflammation. You’ll have more energy, be less likely to get injured, and just be in less pain in general.Back to Blair River. I have no doubt that Blair was in good shape at one point in his life, he was a champion wrestler for Arizona State, which is no small feat. But what happens with a lot of ex athletes, is that when they stop competing, they stop exercising and keep eating the same way they were when they were exercising. So they end up putting on more fat and loosing muscle. This happens with a lot of ex linemen in football. They have to eat a lot to maintain their weight, and once they stop playing football they stop exercising, but continue to eat.For Blair to die from complications from contracting pneumonia after the flu tells me that his system was very stressed from all of the excess weight. At age 29 he should have been in the physical peak of his life, instead of dying from an illness that usually is only fatal to the elderly. More than likely his system was shot and stressed from being so overweight.The Heart Attack Grill is a funny concept, and if I find myself in Phoenix I might eat there once. But eating this way once in a while (every month or 2) is alright. But being a spokesman for the restaurant and being around that all of the time could not have been a good influence on Blair’s health. Would he have lived longer if he didn’t work around that establishment? No one can say. But if had been a spokesman for something that promoted health and eating right, it would have been a better influence on him. It is a tradegy whenever anyone dies that young. Especially if it could have been prevented.



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