Hidden Causes of weight Gain

obese man with hamburgerIt is hard to loose weight. It can be even harder if you are sabotaging your weight loss without even knowing it.

It is different if you have gained weight and have not been exercising or have been eating badly. But what if you have been consistently exercising and watching what you eat, but you haven’t been able to lose weight or you have been gaining weight.

There can be many causes of unexplained weight gain. It can be due to medications that you may be taking. It can be due to increased amounts of stress. It can be due to hormonal imbalances. Unless you know what to look for, it can be very hard to figure out why your weight loss is plateauing or even increasing.

Many people will just watch what they eat in order to lose weight. This may work a little bit. But usually you have to alter your diet so much to lose weight that you can’t stick with the changes and eventually end up going back to your old eating habits and then gain all of your weight back.

Eating right will work much more effectively for weight loss if you couple it with exercise. Exercise alone is more effective for weight loss and overall body health than eating right. But the 2 go hand in hand. If you want to feel good, reduce pain, increase activity, lose weight, and look better, then you have to exercise and eat right together.

But what if you have been exercising and eating right and still haven’t lost any weight and maybe have even gained some weight while exercising?

One explanation can be that muscle weighs more than fat. As you reshape your body through eating right and exercising, you will be replacing fat with muscle. Your clothes will fit you differently, and you will look better, but you may weigh more.

Other areas to look into if you are having unexplained weight gain, or if your weight loss has plateaued are: medications, lifestyle, hormonal levels.

Even if your weight loss has plateaued and you are exercising and eating right, you still will be healthy and feel the effects from a healthy lifestyle. I feel it is more important to focus on taking care of yourself and eat right and exercise, than it is to just look good and be thin.

You can be fat and fit, as long as you are taking care of yourself. If you are exercising and eating right, you will feel better, look better, age slower, be more active, have more energy, and live a longer and more pain-free life. You can still be overweight and be healthy.

There are variations throughout nature. Not everyone is able to become a ripped 120 pound societal ideal for fitness. Most of us just do not have the genetic makeup to become a model or a movie star. But all of us can exercise and eat right and reap the benefits of it.

Exercising and eating right to be healthy, reduce pain, and have an active and fulfilling lifestyle is the Pain Free Way.

I am attaching a slide show that goes into more detail some of the medications and hormonal syndromes that can contribute to unexplained weight gain.




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