So I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I got to spend time with my family and prepare and eat some really good food. So how do you maintain health while navigating your way through all of the holiday meals and parties? There are a few things you can do to prevent putting on 5 pounds during the holidays. The first way is to reduce your alcohol intake. If you do drink, then drink wine or beer or a sprirt on the rocks. Alcohol is already laden with sugars and calories. Drinking a mixed drink or cocktail will drastically increase the sugar content and therefore the calorie content of a cocktail. While wine and beer are not calorie free by any stretch, they have less sugar and calories than mixed drinks do.The next thing you can do is snack on something healthy before going to a big holiday party or dinner. This will keep you from filling up on heavy holiday foods. Instead you can snack on something healthy and then go to the party and pick at the less healthy and calorie heavey foods.Also try to keep up with your exercise routine during this busy and sometimes crazy time of the year. This will help to get rid of some of those extra calories that we are all taking in. It will also help you positively deal with the stress that is so present in our society surrounding the holidays.Something that i tried this year for Thanksgiving that worked really well and was pretty easy was that i made my own stuffing and gravy. Stuffing and gravy aren’t exactly health foods, but man do i love eating them. I do feel that something made from scratch, even though it is full of butter and unhealthy fat from the turkey, it is still better for you and more nutritious than the sodium laden foods that you find in the grocery store. The preservatives in those store bought foods are so bad for you. They are so full of sodium and other preservatives that i feel the natural stuff is much better for you.So enter into the holidays with a game plan. Take care of yourself and do not let the holidays stress you out. Exercise and watch what you eat just a little bit, and you will be much better off come january.



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