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Welcome to Pain-Free Lifestyle!

Our program is designed by Dr. Joshua A. Cohen, M.S., D.C. an expert in health, nutrition, and reducing chronic pain while living healthy. The focus of the program is to make it easy for ANYONE to get into shape.

This is NOT a crazy exercise program designed for 20 somethings who want rock hard abs.

It’s for people of any age and shape who want to get in shape, and get healthy, and do so the right way without jumping from nothing into high intensity workouts and risking injury.

It’s for people who have chronic problems with their knees, shoulders, backs, hips, or other problem areas, who want to get into shape to feel better, reduce chronic pain and be more active.

The worse shape you are in, the more we want you. The heavier you are, the more right this program is for you. If you are out of shape and in pain, Pain Free Lifestyle is for you!

If you want to get in shape, as well as reduce any existing or potential chronic pain, and do so in a method designed by a practicing doctor with an advanced degree in nutrition and who specializes in musculo-skeletal problems, rather than some random ripped personal trainer on a beach, then give Pain-Free Lifestyle a try today!


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