How To Fit Exercising And Eating Right Into Your Life

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A recent gallup poll showed that 56% of all people want to lose weight. That being said, 56% of all people don’t necessarily need to lose weight.

My perspective is that it is more important to be healthy than it is to reach a societal ideal of weight. It is more important to feel good than it is to look good. There are many ways to lose weight quickly that are very unhealthy, and can do harm to your body.

There are many weight loss programs/ lose weight quick schemes that prey on people who are desperate to lose weight. They boast that by using their program you can lose weight and look like a movie star or model.

Movie stars and models are genetically lucky. They genetically have less body fat then most of us do. That means that they can get six pack abs much easier than most of us can. Many times I have read interviews with models or celebrities who have amazing bodies, but they say they never go to the gym. They are genetically lucky.

For those of us who are not genetically lucky, it will be very hard, if not impossible to get ripped, six pack abs. If you have been overweight for part or most of your life, and haven’t exercised in years, and haven’t watched what you eat in years, it is going to be virtually impossible to get ripped, six pack abs. Exercise and eating right will however, get you moving and feeling better and get you to lose some weight. You may not become a Greek Adonis from exercising and eating right, but you will feel better, have less pain, be more active, and age much more gracefully.

Many people who want to lose weight, want to do it quickly. They want it now. From many years of clinical experience, I have a theory that most people want a pill that will make them look and feel like they did when they were 18, and never have to do anything for their health again.

As of now, science has not invented a pilled form of optimal health. So we have to fall back on mundane, reliable means to lose weight and to keep ourselves healthy, such as eating right and exercising.

The problem with lose weight quick schemes is that most people who are obese didn’t get there overnight. Most obese or overweight people slowly got to be overweight throughout the course of years. On average most people pack on 1 to 2 pounds per year. Over 20 years that can add up to an additional 20 to 40 pounds. It will be a lot harder to take the weight off than it was to put it on.

If it took years to put on the weight, it is going to take years to take it off. There are many ways to lose weight quickly, but they are all schemes preying on those who are desperate to lose weight and don’t know how to go about doing it. Those schemes may be helpful in initially losing weight, but most people will gain all the weight back, and more, after quitting the diet.

This is because you have to learn how to eat healthy. If you go on a crash diet, you are not learning how to keep the weight off. It is just as important to keep the weight off as it is to lose it in the first place.

A dirty secret of the weight loss industry is that it is a lot easier to initially lose weight, than it is to keep it off. It is much more difficult to keep the weight off long term, than it is to lose it initially.

The first step in losing weight, keeping it off and becoming healthy is re-evaluating your eating habits. Slowly cut out processed foods and fried foods. Slowly reduce white flour products and sugars. I am a big believer in not depriving yourself of any food. If you love a food, then eat it, just in moderation. And plan around it. If you want to eat a piece of cake after dinner, then don’t eat cookies at lunch. The Pain Free Lifestyle program helps you to slowly reduce bad for you foods and replace them with good for you foods, without making you feel deprived. While allowing you to eat your favorite foods.

Eating healthy is a great way to start losing weight. If you are serious about losing weight though, then you have to include exercise. Exercise gives you lee-way to eat more of the bad for you foods that you want to. Exercise is the best way to burn calories and therefore burn fat. If you want to reduce pain and increase activity, then exercise is essential. The proper exercises will allow you to strengthen up and stabilize irritated and arthritic joints.

Eating right along with exercising will give you the best chance of aging gracefully. It will actually allow you to slow down, if not reverse the aging process. The Pain Free Lifestyle program takes you step by step through getting into shape and exercising. It helps you to introduce exercise into your life in a safe and easy way that won’t cause injury. It will help you to slow down the aging process, and allow you to not feel your age.

If you are trying to lose weight and get into shape, then realize it is a lifelong process. It is a lifestyle. It is not a sprint. It is more like a marathon. It is something that has to be maintained. It is something that has to be slowly introduced into your life if you want to stick with it. You will only get the benefits from exercise and eating right if you are currently doing it. That doesn’t mean that you have to exercise and eat right every single day of your life. But as long as you are consistently exercising and eating right, and not skipping more than 1 to 2 weeks of exercise, then you will feel the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

A study out of Sweden concluded that 90% of all people who start a new exercise routine will quit due to pain or injury. Don’t be one of those people. Follow the Pain Free Lifestyle program and slowly introduce safe and effective exercises that will stabilize and strengthen up your body.

You can’t expect to jump into a hard core exercise routine after not exercising for 20 years, or even after 1 year of not exercising. Just as you can’t expect to go from not watching what you eat at all to eating a healthy and clean diet. You have to ease your way into it. You have to get into shape to exercise. You have to get into shape to get a good workout from exercise. Don’t expect to be pumping hard iron if you haven’t exercised in years. You have to take your time to get into shape. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Allow yourself at least a month to get the scheduling down to fit exercise into your life, and to allow your body to get used to the exercises so that you can do them, get a workout from it, and not hurt yourself.

Maybe when you were 20 you could jump into an exercise program and not miss a beat. 20 years later and 20 years of use and abuse on your body, and you will not be jumping into an exercise routine. If you do you will injure yourself and not be able to exercise.

A healthy lifestyle is not all or nothing. Being in shape is not all or nothing. Eating healthy is not all or nothing. Nobody can eat healthy all of time. Everyone needs breaks from exercising occasionally.

You don’t have to pump heavy iron in the gym an hour a day 5 days a week to get benefits from exercising. If you go from not exercising at all to walking 20 minutes 3 times a week you will feel better. You’ll get more endurance and have better balance. You won’t become a ripped, lean Greek God or Goddess, but you will feel better.

If you go from not watching what you eat at all to reducing your fast, fried and processed foods you will see and feel a difference. You will feel less lethargic and you will lose weight.

You don’t have go all or nothing with exercising and eating right. As long as you eat right and exercise consistently, then you will see and feel a difference. Remember, it is more important to be consistent than it is to go hard and be intense. And it is more important to feel good, than it is to look good.

Slowly fitting in consistent exercise and eating right so that you can feel better and do the activities that you want to do, is the Pain Free Way.

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