How to navigate the holidays without putting on weight

In the last blog I wrote about how to approach the holidays and how to prepare a strategy so that you won’t put on a lot of excess weight during the holidays. I mainly focused on the eating and nutritional aspect. Now I want to focus on the exercise aspect. Even if you completely pig out and eat and drink a lot during the holidays, if you are exercising consistently, then it will not have that big of an effect on your weight. Exercising is so important. If you exercise in the moring, it will stoke your metabolic fires and speed up your metabolism for the rest of the day. It will also help get you ahead of the calorie game. If you can start out the day with exercising, or exercise at some point in the day, then those excess calories that you’ll eat at the company holiday party will be burned off. Especially if you can follow up the next day by exercising as well, you will burn off a lot of the excess calories that you take in. Cardio-vascular exercising is the best way to burn calories. But weight lifting can also help burn some calories as well.I still believe that a comprehensive approach, focusing on diet and exercise, will work better then focusing on just diet or just exercise for keeping your weight down and therefore preventing osteo-arthritis from forming and for decreasing inflammation, and pain,┬áin your body. Exercise is more effective than diet by itself, but both work together to decrease inflammation, increase energy, burn calories and prevent weight gain.And remember, exercise is a great way to deal with stress. During the very stressful and hectic holiday season when you have no time at all to do anything for yourself, you will be much better off mentally and physically,if you can even fit in a few half hour cardio-vascular workouts during the week. You will more than make up for half hour that you were working out with the increase in energy and focus that exercise will give you. After exercising you’ll be better able to deal with the rest of the day.



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