How to Pick the Right Gym

Picking the right gym is something that can greatly affect your workout routine, but is easily overlooked. If you are a babyboomer and looking to keep in shape so you can run around with your grandchildren, you don’t want to work out at a meat head gym. If you are a 25 year old who works in front of a computer all day at a start up company, you are not going to want to spend your evenings at a gym that focuses on the needs of 50 and over women¬†by having mostly¬†yoga and pilates classes.

If you pick the wrong gym, you will not want to go and exercise there. And it is very important to want to spend time at the gym, and to like the space and the instructors. If you want to get the most benefits out of exercise, and want to lose weight and feel better and reduce pain, and basically get all of the benefits that exercise can offer you, than you have to exercise consistently. You have to exercise 3 to 6 days a week for varying amounts of time. If you are going to spend that much time in a place, you need to like it. It would be a shame to pay to belong to a gym that you don’t even like to go to.

You also want to make sure that the gym is close to you. In this article, they recommend picking a gym that is within 15 minutes of where you live. If you join a gym that is far away from you, even if it is the nicest place you have ever seen, you are not going to use it as much as you would use a gym that isn’t as nice, but much closer to your house. It is hard enough finding time to exercise in our hectic lives. Don’t add an extra half hour to an hour in travel time to get to the gym and home. It will make it that much harder to fit in the essential workout.

If you use the pain-free system, then you can workout at a gym or at home. There are benefits to both. I like working out at home. The secret is to know what you are doing, I know what I am doing (and you will too if you follow my workout program). Then I can not waste time travelling to and from the gym. I don’t need someone to watch my kids while I exercise because I can keep them there with me while I exercise. With the pain-free system, you will only need a few light handweights to get a good, full body workout in. You will not need to buy thousands of dollars worth of gym equipment.

Many people like working out at gyms as well. Working out around other people can be a great motivating factor for exercise. If you have paid for a gym membership or a session with a trainer, you will be more likely to stick with it. There will be many other options for exercises at a gym because they will have so much more equipment than most of us do at our home.

This article discusses some of the things to look for when looking for a new gym. I think it is also applicable to finding a good yoga, pilates or Ti Chi studio as well.




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