how to prevent colds

Tis the season for colds and flus. It is colder outside which causes us to spend more and more time indoors during the cold winter season. The air indoors is recycled and heated and dry. This causes you to come into contact with more germs then you would during the summer. I also feel an overlooked component of getting sick is the effect that the dry heated air has you. It causes the sinuses to dry out and crack which allows germs easy access to your system.So here are a few things that you can do to help prevent colds. First off use a netty pot. It is a small tea pot that you can get in most health food stores. You mix in a saline solution and pour the solution from the pot into your nose and let it run out the other side. It feels weird at first, and looks even weider. My wife makes fun of me for using it. But it is very effective. There is a reason why it is a corner stone of naturalpathic healing. It helps to clean out all of the junk that accumulates in your sinuses which helps you breath easier. It also keeps the sinuses and nasal passages moist and prevents them from cracking. Which will directly decrease the amount of times you get sick.Another thing you can do is wash you hands a lot. Every time you touch a door knob or handrail and or other things in public your are touching the hands of everyone else who has touched that door knob. If they wiped their nose with thier hand then you are touching that mucous from them. If they didn’t wach thier hands after going to the bathroom then you are touching that fecal matter they had on their hands. Wash your hands regularly. It will keep you from getting sick from all of those other germs out there.Exercise and eating right will also greatly decrease the amount of times you get sick. Exercising will help keep your body and therefor your immune system strong. Eating right will help dedrease inflammation in your body and also help boost your immune system.Take care of yourself this winter season and your body will take care of you.



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