Increase Your Metabolism

chilli peppersSome of us have a high metabolism, and some of us have a lot metabolism. Metabolism is how fast your body processes and burns through fuel. There are ways to slow down your metabolism, and ways to speed up your metabolism.

Most of the ways to speed up your metabolism, and therefore burn more energy and calories, are short lived. You will not find a way to permanently speed up your metabolism. But there are many ways to speed it up for a short period of time. Lots of short periods of high metabolism can add up to many pounds over the years.

By far the best way to increase your metabolism is to exercise and watch what you eat. Exercise will burn calories, and will speed up your metabolism. Aerobic exercise will boost your metabolism more so than weight lifting will. But weight lifting will speed up your metabolism some as well.

This slide show I attached shows different ways for increasing your metabolism. However, I do not agree that taking energy drinks is a good or healthy way to boost your metabolism.



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