inflammations role in pain

Inflammation can affect our bodies in so many ways, and we are affected by so many things that can cause inflammation in our bodies.  Inflammation can be caused by the types of foods that you eat.  Foods, especially processed foods, are filled with all types of compounds and checmicals that are full of free radicals.  Free radicals are negatively charged particles that attatche themselves to molecules and cells throughout the body and disrupt the cells functions. Basically they cause cells to breakdown faster and therefore cause your body to break down and age faster than it would if there weren’t any free radicals in your body.  By disrupting these systems and breaking down cells the free radicals create inflammation.  Now some inflammation is good, it helps to heal injuries in your body.  But too much low grade inflammation, present all of the time, can cause lots of damage in the body and can increase symptoms and pain.  If you have any osteo-arthritis, then the affected joint will be inflammed and irritated.  Throw some more inflammation on it from free radicals, and it will make it worse and flair it up.  There is an epidemic of people with chronic, low grade inflammation in our society.  This condition is compounded by people eating badly, not exercising, and just not taking care of themselves.  This low level, chronic inflammation will increase your risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteo-arthritis, and just cause you age faster and cause your body to break down faster.  And when your joints and muscles and organs are all inflammed, you will have an increase in generalized pain throughout your body.      So how can you get rid of inflammation? By taking vitamins, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercising.  Vitamins and fresh fruits and vegetables are choc full of anti-oxidants.  Anti-oxidants are positively charged particles that attatch themselves to the free radicals to break them down and prevent them from causing damage in the body.  Exercising helps out in so manny different ways.  But it does cause an increase in free radicals.  This is negated by all of the positive that exercise does.  Exercise will help prevent heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and the onset and progression of osteo-arthritis.  So exercise basically helps take care of some of the effects of low grade inflammation.     So eat right and exericse, it is the best defense we have against many of the ills that plague our bodies in western society.



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