Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

sodaEating the wrong type of foods can drastically affect your health. It’s not eating it just once that will affect you, or even eating badly occasionally. It is when you eat badly consistently that the effects will build up over time and affect your health.

I believe that you can eat almost anything, occasionally. In my nutrition program, I recommend taking 1 day per week to eat whatever you want to. I feel that if you don’t do this, then the foods you are avoiding will take on mythic proportions. Most people will feel deprived and eventually binge, overeat, and end up falling off of the healthy eating wagon and not get back on it.

That being said, there are certainly some foods to completely avoid, and should only be eaten on that one “off” day per week. I won’t eat anything that has aspartame in it. even on my “off” days. Aspartame is converted to formaldehyde in our bodies. Formaldehyde is highly toxic and carcinogenic. Here is an article that I wrote about it.

If you can keep the highly processed foods, trans-fatty acids, partially hydrogenated oils, low glycemic index foods all to a minimum. And eat them only on that one “off” day per week, you should be fine. The trouble comes when eating harmful foods regularly.

I am attaching a list to this article that contains inflammatory foods to avoid. These foods are harmful when eaten consistently and regularly over time. The effects build up to harm your body in many different ways. It is harming the body from the inside, so you cannot see what is happening. You can see yourself getting fatter, but you won’t see the inflammatory damage done to your organs from eating badly over the years.

In our society there is an epidemic of chronic, low grade inflammation. Most people have low level inflammation going on throughout their bodies. Inflammation will irritate most systems and processes throughout your body. Inflammation will make joint aches and pains worse. It will prevent injuries from healing. It will make you bloated, heavy and lethargic. You will have less energy the more inflammation is present in your body. This is because your body will have to use it’s energy to fight off the inflammation, and repair the injuries that have occurred from the inflammation. Rather than spending precious energy on activity and life.

In the same way, certain foods can be anti-inflammatory and actually help to reduce inflammation and therefore pain. I will write more about those foods later.

Eating right to feel better, reduce pain and inflammation, and increase activity is the Pain Free Way.



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