So, who am I and why should you be listening to what I have to say?I am a Chiropractor and Nutritionist who specializes in a specific form of chiropractic trigger point therapy called Nimmo, or Receptor Tonus Technique. I specialize in muscular issues and injuries. These issues can be anything from a sprained or strained muscle to tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fascitis, ankle issue, patella tracking problems, back and neck issues, temperal-mandibular disfunction, dislocated shoulders,golfers elbow, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, migraine headaches. Basically I work on any issue that involves muscles. I have treated many different types of people. I have treated entertainers, professional athletes including some of the Pittsburgh Steelers, ballet dancers including some of the principle dancers of the Pittsburgh Ballet theater, professional mountain bikers, and many amateur athletes and weekend warriors, and the regular person who sits in front of a computer all day and doesn’t exercise at all.I haveĀ a Master’s Degree in nutrition that allows me to address issues not only from a musculo-skeletal standpoint, but also from a nutritional standpoint. I talk to people about how they can improve how they feel by taking a few vitamins and altering how they eat. Nutrition can have a huge effect on how you feel overall, and how succeptable you are to injury and illness.I feel exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health. I practice what I preach. I lift weights, primarily using kettlebells. I am an avid cyclist who competes on an amateur level in ultra endurance mountain biking events. I have completed many 100 mile mountain bike races. These are races that have been compaired to iron man triathalons.I take a wholistic view of health. I believe that in order to feel good, you have to take care of yourself, and exercise and eating right are an essential component to this. Many people already know that you have to exercise and eat right. But many people don’t know how to go about incorporating eating right and exercising into their life. I help people out every day with how to get into exercise. I study muscle patterns all day, so i know which exercises will help someone out, and which exercises will only hurt someone. I also help to incorportate these components into people’s life. In my program I recommend making a few, small, easy changes every 2 weeks into your life, so that you can incorporate these changes into your life, and more importantly, stick with them for the rest of your life. Rather than starting up an exercise routine, then hurting yourself 2 months later, and then having to stop again until your injury heals.I have also set up this program so that if you reach a point where it is getting too difficult for whatever reason, to stick with the current stage of the program, you can go back to the stage that you were comfortable with. You can then stay at that stage until you are ready to move on. My program is designed so that if someone has never exercised before, they can start at the beginning and progress to where they are comfortable. Even if you never progress past the first stage, you will still be doing more then you were prior to starting the routine, and therefore still getting something out of it.If you ever have any questions about my routines or about my training or expertese, please contact me. thanks for your time.Joshua Cohen



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