Is It Better to Eat Many Small Meals, or a Few Large Ones?

food pyramidIt has been known for years in nutrition circles that eating many, small meals throughout the day is a great way to keep your metabolism and energy levels constant and consistent. The more consistent your metabolism is, the faster it will be throughout the day. The faster it is, the more fat and calories your body will burn through.

This has always made sense to me. I personally do not eat many, small meals during the day. Instead I snack on healthy foods in between meals which helps to keep my energy levels consistent, and prevents me from getting overly hungry and then eating everything in sight.

I have treated many people who will eat very little during the day, then binge and eat huge meals at night. This will cause you to gain weight. By taking in most of your calories at night, you will have little chance to work them off before going to bed.

That is why I was interested when I saw that a study had concluded that it is better to eat a few large meals during the day rather than many, small meals. The study came out of Czech Republic and it had people eating 2 large meals per day. The first meal was to be eaten between 6 am and 10 am. The second meal was to be eaten between noon and 4 pm. They compared this group to another group that was eating many, small meals during the day.

I think that the important message to take away from this study is that it is better for your metabolism to eat your large meals earlier in the day. Followed with a light dinner. If you can do this, then your metabolism will be more consistent. I do not think that it is necessary to skip dinner and just eat 2 large meals per day.

A link to an article about the study and commentary on it are here:



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