Joint Pain

knee replacement 2Many people who suffer from joint pain feel that their pain is a natural part of getting older. This is only part of the cause of joint pain.

As we age, our bodies accumulate wear and tear. The main difference as we age, is that we don’t recover from insults and injuries to our bodies like we did when we were 20 years younger.

My best example of this is a hangover. When I was in my 20’s, I could drink what I want to, and not feel badly the next day. Now, 20 years later, if I have more than a few drinks I am in pain the next day. When hungover I now get headaches, an upset stomach, and feel lethargic. I am not recovering from the minor injuries that alcohol is causing throughout my body and in my organs.

As we age, some aches and pains are inevitable. But, the better we take care of ourselves, the less these aches and pains will affect us. The more we exercise and eat well, the less pain we will be in on a daily basis. Not only will exercise and eating right help us to feel better in the present, here and now, it is the best way to ensure that we will feel as good as possible in the future. The better you take care of yourself now, the better you will feel in the future. Don’t be one of those people who say “if I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself”.

Even if you have severe joint pain and your arthritis has progressed, things are not hopeless. You can always do something to decrease the pain. If you have end stage, bone on bone arthritis in your knees, you are never going to be pain free. But if you do the right exercises and eat well, you can reduce your pain and the impact your pain has on your life.

Exercise will strengthen up painful and inflamed joints. Exercise will stabilize those painful and irritated joints. Exercise won’t make them pain free, but exercise will decrease the pain.

Don’t let anyone tell you that there is nothing that you can do for your joint pain except take pain pills and get injections, and then eventually end up with a joint replacement. There are so many options out there for reducing and controlling joint pain and arthritis.

Managing joint pain and osteo-arthritis symptoms through proper exercise and nutrition is the Pain Free Way.

I am attaching an article that lists different strategies for dealing with joint pain:



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