Little Bit of Input, Little Bit of Output

My great uncle Doc, who was a pathologist (a doctor specializing in disease processes), used to say “a little bit of input, a little bit of output.” What he meant by this was that when you take food into your body, you have to have some output, by going to the bathroom. In our society, there is a certain stigma to going to the bathroom, especially having a bowel movement. Everyone knows that it goes on, but no one wants to discuss it. No one wants to discuss it until something goes wrong with the system that causes you to go to the bathroom. People take it for granted until they have a problem that interferes with them going to the bathroom.Going to the bathroom is essential if you want to be healthy and reduce any pain that you may be having, even joint pain. I took a seminar from a nutritionist who said “take a poop once a day and that’s good. Twice a day is great. Three times a day, and it’s a party.” He was stressing that we should all be having a bowel movement at least once a day. If you do not, then it will drastically affect your health and well-being.Some foods take longer to digest then others. The longer something takes to digest, the longer it wil be in your system. The longer something is in your system, the more toxins you will absorb into your body from the food as you process it. You want the food to pass through your system as quickly as possible. The longer food is in your gut being processed, the more it will affect your health negatively. It will increase the pressure inside of the gut/ intestines, and cause the formation of polyps and cysts throughout the gut. The more toxins that are absorbed from the food, the more free-radicals will be in your system. These free-radicals will attatch themselves to different molecules and negatively affect how different systems work. They can also make you more achy in general and exacerbate chronic, low grade inflammation that will make you more achy and sore all over.Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. They are full of fiber, and anti-oxidants and vitamins and minerals. This fiber will help move things along in the gut. Red meat, heavy and saucy foods, are very hard to digest. Your body takes longer to process and move along these foods. The fiber in fruits and vegetables will help you to process your food faster and prevent it from decaying in your gut and becoming toxic. I read once that the average person has 10 pounds of processed food (poop) in their gut at any given time. So the more fiber you can eat, the less food you have decaying in your gut, and you’ll end up weighing less overall.So poop as much as you can. Don’t shy away form it. It is essential to leading a pain-free lifestyle.



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