More Reasons to Quit Diet Soda

sodaThose who read my articles know that I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners.

They are chemically formulated. There have never been any studies able to correlate losing weight with using artificial sweeteners.

Still many people drink diet soda and eat artificially sweetened foods. Evidence is mounting that these foods will, at the very least not help with weight loss, at the very most be harmful to your health.

Artificial sweeteners have been shown to illicit an insulin reaction in your body. This is the same reaction that sugar causes. Only there is no sugar for the insulin to react to. This sends your body into storage mode, and food will be stored as fat. There will also be no sugar for the brain, which is now expecting sugar. This causes the body and brain to crave even more sugar. Thus creating a cycle of eating and craving sweet foods or drinks.

Artificial sweeteners can be up to 500 times as sweet as regular sugar. Over time, using artificial sweeteners dulls our taste to regular sugar. I believe that you have to retrain your tastes to enjoy regular sugar after using artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners have also been proven to turn into formaldehyde in our bodies. Formaldehyde is what dead bodies are stored in. It is horribly toxic and highly carcinogenic. This alone will increase inflammation and cause our bodies to age quicker and to breakdown faster than they would if we were just drinking and eating regular sugar.

Regular sugar is not good for you and needs to be regulated. There is information coming out pointing to sugar being as addictive as drugs. Sugar is still better for you then artificial sweeteners.

Here is an article I wrote Artificial Sweeteners, Helpful or Harmful?

Here is another article I wrote Another Reason to Avoid Artificial Sweeteners.

Both of these will have more information on artificial sweeteners and their effects on our bodies.

Here is a link to a slide show about diet soda’s harmful effects to our bodies:

Avoid artificial sweeteners. Know what foods and chemicals do to our bodies. Use what we eat to feel better and reduce pain. Eat smarter, not smaller. It is the Pain Free Way.



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