Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

In the past, there have been issues with nutritional supplements not containing the ingredients they claim to contain.

Due to a loop hole in a 1994 law spear headed by a senator who was sponsored by the supplement industry, dietary supplements do not have to get FDA approval.

Therefore, unscrupulous dietary supplement companies have been known to add fillers in many supplements such as sand.

Recently the supplement industry came under fire again from the state of New York.

According to the New York Times, the attorney general’s office of New York investigated Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC across the state. The agency bought herbal supplements and analyzed them through DNA. What they found was surprising to say the least.

Mart Mack, executive deputy attorney general of the state of New York, said that the tests found so many supplements with no DNA from the herbs on their labels, but plenty of DNA from unlisted ingredients.

“The absence of DNA does not explain the high amount of contaminants found in these products,” he said. “The burden is now with the industry to prove what is in these supplements.”

So what contaminants did they find? Powdered rice, houseplants and asparagus, among others.

I believe that when supplements are used in the way that they were designed, and contain what they claim to contain, they can supplement and enhance a healthy lifestyle.

People get into trouble when they expect a supplement to take the place of healthy eating or exercising. Dietary supplements should be used as they were designed, as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle.

I recommend a multi-vitamin, omega-3 fatty acid, and flora/ pro-biotics.

I also recommend buying vitamins and supplements from organic food stores, co-ops, even whole foods like places usually carry decent vitamin brands.

In general, the less organic, more processed, synthetic and mass produced the vitamin is, the less your body will absorb it and the more money you will waste.

I recommend staying away from vitamins and supplements from places like the above mentioned, along with the warehouse discount stores that sell products in mass, and most regular grocery stores.

The less additives and preservatives, the easier it will be for your body to assimilate the and absorb the vitamins and minerals.

I sell vitamins from the company DaVinci from New England. You can order them from my office website.

Multi-vitamins can be a great supplement to a healthy lifestyle. They will fail every time they are used as a replacement for exercise or healthy eating.

Exercise intelligently, eat healthy, and use dietary supplements as they were designed (to supplement a healthy lifestyle), not as a replacement for a healthy lifestyle.

This is the Pain Free Way.

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