post holiday exercise

So I hope that everyone had good holidays and enjoyed themselves. I did, and i know that I overindulged. Most people around the holidays will overindulge and end up gaining 3 to 5 pounds or so. Now 3 to 5 pounds is not a lot, but if you let it go and don’t try to get it off, then it will stay on you, and throughout the year if you are not exercising then you’ll probably gain another 1 to 2 pounds a year. And then come the holidays again and another 3 to 5 pounds. so within a little more than a year, it is easy to see how you can put on 7 to 13 pounds. that weight accumulates over the years, and it is a lot harder to take off 10 to 20 pounds than it is to take off 3 pounds and keep it off. That is why it is so important to exercise and watch what you eat. Just by exercising you can take off that recently gained weight and, more importantly, keep it off. Also watching your portion sizes and decreasing the amount of processed foods and sugars will also aid greatly in losing the weight and keeping it off.     So how do you start into an exercise routine if you haven’t exercised in months or years? How do you exercise if you are in pain and how can you reduce the amount of pain you are in? Go very easy at the beginning. You want to start out almost too easily. just start by walking 20 minutes 3 days a week. If you can’t walk then do a stationary bike or elliptical machine or rowing machine or swimming. Do something low impact. Please do not start out by running every day. Depending on your body,running can easily flair up your knees, low back, hips, ankles. It is very hard on your body and unless you are in good shape, it will be very hard to stick and more than likely will flairup whatever type of pain you are currently experiencing. If you do some type of low impact cardio-vascular exercise such as what is listed above, then you will be able to stick with it and eventually will loose weight, and feel good. Which I feel, is the most important benefits of exercising.     So get out there and start exercising, just move around. It will do you lotsof good.



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