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General Mills is one of the largest processed foods manufacturing companies in the world. Recently, they have been trying to arrange it so that no one can sue them.

They put a post on their website that said in effect that you can never sue them if: you visit their website, click on anything on their website, print any coupons off of their website, like their facebook page, or buy their foods.

They are effectively trying to say that if you do any of these actions then you forfeit your right to sue them, ever.

Why would they want that? Are they scared of large groups of people suing them? If so, why?

Michael Moss did a great job of explaining why this might be in his book “Salt, Sugar, Fat”, which is about the processed food industry.

Scientists, and those in the know within the processed food industry, know that they are on the edge of what could be lawsuits equal to the lawsuits brought against big tobacco decades ago.

Scientists have been chemically formulating and creating food since the beginning of the 20th century. Those who work in the processed food industry have been pushing those foods, selling those foods, advertising and advocating for those foods for decades.

Those who work in the industry, and those who create the foods, will not eat the processed foods they create and distribute, because they know how bad they are for us.

Remember the tire rubber that was recently discovered to be in Subway bread? That is just one incidence in a world full of chemically formulated, artificial foods.

The scientists that create these foods won’t eat them at all. They know that these foods are full of toxic, carcinogenic chemicals and are devoid of nutrition. They know these foods actually shorten your lifespan. They know that there are very few studies on the chemicals long term effects on the body.

The processed food companies use large amounts of salt, sugar and fat to cover up any off tastes that come from processing the foods. Whatever actual food is in the processed food product, is altered so much that it doesn’t resemble the original type of food in any way.

When meat is cooked it has a short shelf life. When it is processed to be in a can of soup, it will turn rancid and taste bad over time. Salt, sugar and fat are used in large doses to cover up the off taste of rancid meat to make it taste good.

Processed food companies put a lot of time and money into developing just the right taste for a certain of processed food. Before going to market, the company will test the food with various levels of salt, sugar and fat, to make the food taste as good as possible. This increases what the food industry calls “crave-ability”. Which is a nicer way of saying addictive.

The food industry knows that if they make a food as crave-able as possible, then people will buy it. No matter how good or bad the food is for you.



Most of the chemicals that are added into processed foods to make them taste better can be very bad for you. Aspartame is in almost everything that has artificial flavors. Aspartame is converted into formaldehyde in our bodies. Formaldehyde is the chemical that dead bodies are stored in. Formaldehyde is horribly toxic and carcinogenic. Many of the chemicals that are widely used in the processed food industry are carcinogenic and produce free radicals.

Free radicals cause inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation can be a major driving force for pain and discomfort. Inflammation will make any health issue worse. Adding inflammation to a health problem is like throwing fuel on a fire.

Processed foods are partially responsible for the epidemic of low grade, chronic inflammation that most of us are carrying around in our bodies. The more inflammation in your body, the easier health issues will flair up. Health issues from diabetes to heart disease to high blood pressure, to joint pain, to any type of arthritis. A leading theory on aging is free radical based. This means that the more free radicals in your body, the faster your body breaks down and you age.

These are all reasons why General Mills is trying to make it very hard to sue them. They learned their lesson from the big tobacco lawsuits years ago.  They know now about processed foods, just like they knew then about cigarettes- that they are bad for you and can cause many health problems. Coincidentally, many people who worked for tobacco companies now work in the processed food industry.

Since the 1960’s, tobacco giant Phillip Morris has been branching out and buying processed food companies such as: General Foods, Post and Kellog. These people learned their lesson while working in the tobacco industry.

They are seeing the potential for lawsuits associated with their processed foods. The general public at large  will eventually find out what type of chemicals they are putting into their foods and the effects of these chemicals.

These companies are still misleading the public through false advertising. They are advertising that their foods are good for you, healthy, nutritious and full of fresh fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals.

The processed food industry knows that this is misleading. There is some fruit or vegetables in processed foods. It is so overly processed that there is no resemblance between the processed fruit or vegetable and the original fruit or vegetable.

This is evident in fresh, frozen fruit concentrate. This concentrate is added to almost any fruit drink. Frozen fruit concentrate is basically a tasteless ball of mashed up fruit that is so processed it that it retains none of its former vitamins or minerals. The vitamins and minerals are then artificially added in later on so that they can advertise that the drink is made from fresh fruit and contains vitamins and minerals.

Don’t let advertising and marketing from processed food companies persuade you that their foods are healthy and nutritious. Don’t fall for the false claims from these companies that are just trying to sell you their food products.

Eat whole foods that have short ingredient lists. Know what foods you are putting into your body. If you eat smarter, then you don’t have to eat less. This is the Pain Free Way.

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