Reduce Dependence on Pain Medication Through Exercise and Healthy Eating

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Pharmaceutical opiates are killing more than 40 people per day.

This is according to a new book by Erin Marie Daily titled “Generation Rx: A story of Dope, Death, and America’s Opiate Crisis”.

Opiates are a class of pharmaceutical drugs that are derived from the poppy plant. It is the same plant that heroin and morphine are made from. They are also called narcotics, pain killers, pain meds, etc.

If you can control your pain, then you can reduce your chances of having to turn to these medications for pain relief.

More and more Americans are turning to prescription narcotics for relief from their pain, only to find that they are hooked on them and can’t get off them when they try to stop.

Narcotics are highly addictive and can create dependence. Unfortunately, they are also overly prescribed. Part of the reason why they are overly prescribed is because medical doctors are not well equipped to treat pain. They are very good at treating illnesses and disease processes. But they have little in their arsenal to treat pain.

When a patient comes into a general practitioner’s office for pain relief, the doctor has few options. They can prescribe: pain medications, physical therapy, injection therapies (corticosteroid, epidural), or surgeries. But usually these procedures only mask the issue, rarely getting to the cause of the pain. These procedures are usually 50-50 at best at temporarily reducing pain. Even if they do reduce pain, they are very bad at keeping pain away. Therefore they prescribe more pain medication, or another shot, or another round of physical therapy, if the pain problem is persistent.

Many times though, traditional western medicinal intervention does not get rid of the problem. I have a friend who works in construction. He has chronic back pain from the type of work that he does on a regular basis, from not taking care of himself, and from his history of previous injuries. His medical doctor (PCP/GP) prescribed 90 vicodin per month for him. He knows that if takes all of them then he will “go off the deep end” and become addicted. He has a wife and 3 children who are dependent on him and he can’t let himself go off the deep end. Taking that much vicodin per month is an easy way to get addicted.

Over 40 people die per day from prescription narcotic abuse. It is an easy path to fall into, and very hard to get away from.

But what are his alternatives? Proper exercise and healthy eating will give him the most amount of benefit and the most amount of pain relief. He might not ever get to be pain free, but pain that is a 3/10 certainly beats pain that is 8/10 and debilitating.

You can control your pain through healthy eating and exercising. You don’t have to rely on doctors to feel better. No matter what your health issues are, they will do better with light exercise and healthy eating.

Any health issue or disease process will do better if you manage yourself through healthy eating and exercising. It is by far, hands down, the best thing you can do for your health, and to reduce pain. It will do more than any doctor or health care practitioner can do for you.

The best way to manage pain is to take care of yourself in the first place to prevent pain, injury and disease processes from coming on, thus reducing your chances of having to go on the pain medication in the first place.

But if you are already in pain, exercising and eating right will do more for you to reduce pain and prevent it from getting worse, than any drug or surgery. If you are in pain, most pain processes will do better with consistent, and easy on the body exercises. Most pain will reduce some with proper exercising. Most pain will not progress and not get worse over time when consistently performing low impact and low intensity exercising.

Exercising will get blood flowing into the muscles and get the muscles moving. Proper exercise will keep the muscles loose and strong which makes the muscles less prone to injury. Proper exercise will prevent most health issues from progressing to the point of disability. Proper exercise will keep you moving with as little pain as possible.

Healthy eating will make you less injury prone, and less likely to get illnesses like cancer as you get older. Healthy foods will have many vitamins, nutrients and minerals that your body needs to adequately repair itself after injury or exercise. Healthy foods will have lots of anti-oxidants that help to reduce inflammation and prevent the body from breaking down.

Most people in our western society suffer from chronic, low grade inflammation in their bodies. These people have mild inflammation present in their bodies all of the time. This low grade inflammation irritates every health issue and makes them worse. It is like throwing fuel on a fire. It will make any arthritic symptom more painful. It will make any illness worse. It will make any pain more intense.

Healthy eating helps to reduce, and even get rid of, inflammation. Control your inflammation, and you will control your health and your pain.

Healthy eating and proper exercise work together in different ways to give you the best boost to your health. But you have to exercise in the proper way. If you are in middle age or older, then don’t go for one of those extreme exercise systems that are so in vogue right now. You are not a professional athlete, so there is no reason to train like one.

Heavy, intense exercising is very hard on the body. Just as not everyone can be a professional athlete, not everyone can get 6 pack abs or do extreme exercise systems. For most people, the extreme exercise systems are too much. Most people who perform these extreme exercise routines (75% of participants) will injure themselves, and have to stop before they get much benefit from the exercise system. These systems are too intense for most people.

Most people, once they reach middle age, or even approach middle age, should not do those extreme exercise systems. If you were a professional athlete, are in great shape, or have exercised intensely and consistently for years, then don’t do an extreme exercise system. They will injure you and cause you to stop exercising.

For most people, especially around middle age and beyond, low intensity and low impact exercising is the way to go. Your body does not lie to you. The old adage of “no pain, no gain” becomes less and less accurate as we age. We don’t recover from injuries as fast as we used to, and we have more wear and tear on our bodies then we did 20 years ago. This means that as we age, we get injured more easily and take longer to heal from those injuries.

So don’t add to your injuries through exercise. Don’t think that you have to suffer through lots of pain in order to get in shape. Don’t think that you need to have 6 pack abs to be in shape. Exercising is not black and white. You can exercise without being horribly intense with it and injuring yourself. Especially as you age, avoid exercises that hurt. The exercises that hurt will only cause injury in the long run. Injuries will set you back. While injured you will not be able to exercise.

Prevent injuries by going easy on your body and listening to your body. If it hurts then don’t do it. Exercise sustainably. Exercise in a way that you can 20 years from now. Because that means that you can stick with the routine for years to come, and that means you’ll keep benefitting from the exercise routine for years to come.

Reduce your dependence on western medicine and pharmaceuticals. Take care of yourself now so that you don’t have to go on any medications. Take care of yourself now through healthy eating and low intensity, low impact exercising that reduce your pain and increase your chances of being able to get off of the medications that you are on now.

Pain Free Lifestyle is a program that takes you from not exercising and from not watching what you eat into a consistent, easy to stick with and easy on your body exercise routine that can be followed from home along with a healthy eating program. Pain Free Lifestyle takes all of the thinking out of exercising and healthy eating.

Keep yourself healthy and avoid all of the pitfalls that come along with pain and illness. It is very possible through low impact and low intensity exercising and healthy eating. This is the Pain Free Way.



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