Seasonal Mood Disorder

It is that time of te year again when it starts getting colder outside and the days start getting shorter and shorter. Most people will end up spending more itme inside during the winter than during the summer. I believe that this lack of outside time is a major cause of seasonal mood disorder. A common treatment for the disorder is to sit in front of a light that simulates the uv waves that are produced from the sun. This treatment does help a lot of people out. I believe that if people suffering from this disorder would just try to get outside and do some activity then it would do wonders in helping to decrease the symptoms assocaited with seasonal mood disorder. Some of the symptoms can be depression anf lethargy. And it is common to follow our instincts to hibernate during this cold time of the year, but it is much better for you to get outside and do something. There are beautiful days during the winter, just like there are beautiful days during the summer. The only difference is that it’s a lot colder during the winter. Clothes these days are so good at keeping us warm and insulated that there is no excuse for not getting outside this time of the year. It will help improve your health and your mindset. Just even go outside and walk for 20 minutes. A few companies produce these rubber straps with metal studs on them specifically for fitting over your shoes and giving you traction on ice and snow. There are so many ways to get outside and improve your mindset, don’t let the cold keep you inside. You’ll be much happier and healthier if you can get outside this winter season.



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