Sugar Withdrawal

There is such a thing as sugar withdrawal.

In a study performed by Carlo Colantuoni and colleagues at Princeton University back in 2002, it was observed that rats, when deprived of food for 12 hours would binge on sugar instead of natural food and then go into withdrawal.

The rats who were undergoing withdrawal suffered from chattering teeth, paw tremors, and head shaking.

Sugar has been called as addictive as any drug. Indeed it stimulates the same neurological pathways that highly addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin do.

Sugar is much easier to get than any illicit drug. Processed food companies use sugar as one of their 3 main ingredients that they add to their “food products” to make them taste good. Processed food companies manipulate fat, salt and sugar to cover “off tastes” that occur from meat decaying in the food product during  its’ normal shelf life while in the store.

Processed food companies use sugar, salt and fat in differing ratios to create a food products “bliss point”. That is where a food is just the right amount of sweet and salty, but not too much of either taste. This creates what the processed food companies call the maximum amount of “crave-ability”. Which is another way of saying addictiveness.

Processed food companies spend millions and millions of dollars every year on research and marketing aimed at getting you, the consumer, to buy and consume as much of their products as possible.

Every year they try to sell more and more. All of the companies have investors and stock holders whom they have to appease by making more profits every year. The only way they make more money is by selling more products. Every year they have to sell more and more, to us, the consumers.

These processed food companies true customers are the stock holders and investors. That’s to whom they are beholden to, not to us, the consumer. We are the target and we make up the market.

Most processed and frozen foods have added, or extra, sugar in them. Recently the FDA has been trying to get processed food companies to list the extra, or added sugar, in each product. Many food products need some sugar to make them taste palatable. Foods that you would never expect to have sugar in them will. Foods such as spaghetti sauce, bread, yogurt, and many others.

That is why, as a consumer, you need to look at what you eat. You need to be aware that the processed food companies are targeting you specifically to get you to buy and consumer their products. You need to educate yourself.

Read product labels. If a product has over 1-2 grams of sugar per serving then it is the nutritional equivalent to dessert. Added sugar is an easy way to sabotage weight loss and optimal health.

If you eat intelligently, you can eat your full, and still not gain weight. You can eat and be satisfied, and not gain weight. If you couple healthy, intelligent eating, with easy on the body, low impact, intelligent exercising, you will give yourself the best chance possible of losing weight.

Losing weight is very  difficult. It is even more difficult to keep the weight off after you lose it. If you can change your lifestyle habits around to habits that are healthy, but easy on the body and easy to work into your life and easy to maintain, then it can be easy to keep yourself in shape and active for years. The better the shape that your body is in, the better you will feel, the less pain you will have, the less weight you will gain, and the more weight you will lose.

I created Pain Free Lifestyle to be an exercise and nutrition program that is easy to follow, easy to incorporate into your life, and easy on your body. Therefore it is easy to maintain. It will allow you to keep exercising, and therefore feel better and be more active, for years.

Pain Free Lifestyle is designed to be an alternative to the intense, crazy, extreme exercise systems that are out there that are pushing everyone to go too hard. Once you reach age 40, you should not be going crazy hard or doing an extreme exercise system. It will cause your body to break down and cause injury. Which will result in you having to stop  exercising.

And if you are over age 40, then you know that once you injure yourself, you’re never the same again.

Go easy on your body, life certainly isn’t.

Don’t exercise harder, exercise smarter. Don’t eat less, eat smarter. This is the Pain Free way.

Here is a link to an article that is discusses how sugar affects your brain:




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