1 in 5 Americans In Chronic Daily Pain

200177292-001A large scale study was just published that proved that 1 in 5 Americans, roughly 39 million people, are in pain on a daily basis.

Pain affects everyone. I treat pain. I am a trigger point doctor, a chiropractor. I think that more people are in pain than what we think there are. And this study reinforces that.

If you suffer from chronic, daily pain you don’t have to throw in the towel. You can do something to lessen your pain. Proper exercise and healthy eating will reduce pain. But it has to be low intensity and low impact exercise along with stretching. Continue reading 1 in 5 Americans In Chronic Daily Pain

Prevent Low Back Pain Through Exercise and Healthy Eating


Low back pain
 is one of the most invasive, pervasive and expensive health issues in our society.

It is amazing how many motions and activities can be limited by your back. You won’t appreciate how much you use your back until you can’t use it. Most people won’t appreciate it until they can’t get into and out of a car without pain, or they can’t get out of a chair without pain, or they can’t walk more than 20 feet without pain.

It is estimated that 80% of all people will get low back pain at one time in their lives. The greatest predetermining factor for having low back pain is having had it in the past. This means that if you have had it, then chances are that you will get it again at some point again in the future.

Continue reading Prevent Low Back Pain Through Exercise and Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Heals Injuries

muscular body

Everyone knows that if you want to be thin, then you have to eat right and eat healthy. Does healthy eating have other benefits for your body? And how does it positively benefit your body?

Eating right will increase energy levels. Eating right will help your body function at a higher right level. Eating right will prevent injuries, and help to heal injuries quickly. Continue reading Healthy Eating Heals Injuries

Vegetable Oils

olive oilVegetable oils are found in a variety of foods that are available today. Most processed foods will have some vegetable oils in them. This is a huge difference from 100 years ago when vegetable oils were just being discovered.

Since the 50’s and 60’s it vegetable oils have been touted by most nutrition advocates as a safe and effective alternative to butters and other, more fatty, oils and cooking substances.

Our knowledge of nutrition and how nutrients affect our bodies has greatly advanced since the 50’s and 60’s. Unfortunately, most nutritional recommendations have not changed since then. Continue reading Vegetable Oils

Can Vitamins Harm?


I am a big proponent of vitamins. I have long believed that we need supplemental vitamins to ensure optimal health.

Would it be better if we could get all of our vitamins and minerals and nutrients out of our daily food? Of course it would be. But most of us do not eat a healthy, well balanced diet.

Even if you do eat a healthy, well balanced diet, you can still benefit from supplemental vitamins.

I have a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. I eat a well balanced and healthy diet. I know about nutrition. But I still feel that I can benefit from supplemental vitamins. Continue reading Can Vitamins Harm?